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Worrying Tactic By Bike Thieves

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by El Toro, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. Well if its in MCN must be true :rolleyes: ...... i actually think they would be better using the wildlife cameras to watch your house, monitor how many live there see what your routines are when you come and go, see when you go out, best time to screw your property... damm sight more to be had than just a shitty old BMW.........be afraid, dont go out, get vigilant around your house... they are watching you!:punch:
  2. Interesting to read about the ability for recording a crime in progress on behalf of the police. No doubt this enables the number of police out and about to be kept to the absolute minimum as some of the evidence is being recorded. The new police recruits will be video watchers, some of our teenage boys should be very skilled at this.
  3. most video evidence is not worth the disc its recorded on.....
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  4. Looks like this will be recorded by plod directly fed from your phone, so yes you are correct if the filming is anything like my wife’s all you will see are her feet and a pavement!
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  5. have you read the right story?:joy:
  6. I’d be more worried about having my house broken into that some scum nicking my bike from the garage. All insured. If it’s not isnrued, make as impossible as possible to nick; I used to take a wheel out of my race bike so couldn’t be wheeled away
  7. Found this further into the article
  8. So, give access to plod 24/7 of your home for cctv?

    Stalin, Hitler, po pot will be spinning in their graves and spitting in Lucifer’s eye that they don’t live now....
  9. Po Pot was he that chite dictator? o_O
  10. Him and his brother, noodle
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  11. I will never understand the UK and constitutes something to worry about. And all the seemingly petty crime and stuff.
    You guys need upgraded criminals in my mind. If someone has a camera pointed at my house I would worry about my wife or kids. Not my bike.
    Of course here if I saw someone had put a camera up I would then own it. I am sure they would not want to be caught putting it up by a homeowner, but the defense of self and property are different over here.

    My real question is... Dont you already have some kind of cameras watching your house, yard, and street? You could get an alert showing them put it up, or just watch the feed with a beer while you cooked dinner.
    No worries, and maybe a little fun.
  12. Let’s face it, what a load of rubbish that story is. If there’s a bike there they have seen and they want, or anything else to that matter, the big white van and the Fella in the high viz, rat a tat tat on the door if you answer it’s a ‘tarmac your drive mister?’ If no answer, reverse on the drive, crowbar and cordless grinder and away with it.


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  13. Why do people imagine that thieves will go to such technical extremes to nick a bike that (in car terms at least) is worth peanuts. Most bikes are worth sub 10K. The easiest way to take one is to nudge the rider off at a junction and take it then. Even expensive and new stuff is not worth really big money
    They really do not need to resort to hidden cameras and stealth technology.
    Most bike thieves are just opportunists and not the brightest crims in the field. The penalty for stealing a 10 grand bike is the same as for nicking a 60/70 grand car - I know which one I would target were I that way inclined. It would not be the bike. It'd be the car with a tracker jammer sitting on the passenger seat and a set of cloned plates. Straight off to a lockup and into a container bound for Europe where it brings rewards worth the effort.
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  14. Link
    This is a small pocket sized combined bug detector and spy camera finder capable of accurately locating both wired and wireless transmitting device operating between 20 Mhz and 6.0 GHz. This frequency range is more than sufficient for locating modern transmitting bugs. The infra-red view finder accurately locates any kind of hidden spy camera that the human eye can't see - even if the camera is switched off.

    £90-140 for a camera detector if you suddenly become paranoid or just need a new gagdet.
  15. What a worrying tactic used by thieves!
  16. Get a decent ground anchor and an almax or similar chain. Secure your door and make sure it's all alarmed.

    It's the essential stuff in my opinion. There's so many garages that are sitting ducks, so don't make yours one of the easy targets
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  17. I can't. Some bloody busybody with a copy of MCN under their arm took the camera down that I'd cable tied to the tree outside my house : unamused:
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