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Wot? Nothing On Iran And Usa?

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by Arquebus, Jan 3, 2020.

  1. @Loz
    I do appreciate the humour. Really I do.
    Seriously however, Justin is the most incompetent, unqualified puppet PM Canada has ever elected.
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  2. Given ending ww1 and 2 , I'm happy with that input
  3. Is that declared wars only or does it also include counter-insurgency and police actions?
  4. god knows. but lets not forget that magic date the UK formed. i said 320 as a quick round up.
    it seams one of us was always batteling sombody.
  5. Surely that would then make the USA look like a bunch of pansy pacifists :thinkingface::D
  6. Of all these illegal (under international law) US actions complied in this 2020 scary saga. At least even the American government or arms of it; realised that Iran's defences had accidentally shot down a plane load of innocent people. Thankfully both sides seem to have reached an impasse that doesn't involve more military exchanges. It would seemingly of been very easy for USA to have gone ham-fisted into Iran after the downing & killing of 176 lives. It goes to show that trickery & deception can only take nations too a critical point. And the dire concequences therein of further intervention, I humbly extend thanks to president-trump for erring on the side of caution.

    Quoting telegraph reader "If there's only One lesson to take away from America's conduct on the world stage it's that its Actions speak louder than Words and that it is the walking, talking embodiment of Empire and the proverb of the Naked King, hypocritical from head to tail and without honor in all its promises present and former. If History first records itself as Tragedy and secondly as Comedy, America has proven itself to be the worlds moral laughing stock for the brazen contradiction it makes of every virtue and Human Right at home and abroad."
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  7. I'm going to offend a few high end Iranian officials, I just bought me some new flip flops :eyes:

    To be fair doesn't have the same gravitas as "you bomb one of mine and I'll shred your second in command"
  8. What if the killing of Solemani was collusion between USA and Iran, the Iranian establishment being frightened of his popularity and perceiving he might be making a bid for leadership?
    Trump gets a foreign "victory" in an election year, and he gets to remove troops from Iraq which he promised to do in the last election, they get a continuation of the status quo and the possibility of reconciliation of Trump's aggressive policy on Nuclear deal and sanctions.
    And 2 months before the election Trump gets a deal with Iran.
    Watch this space
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  9. The Persians (Iranians) invented chess
  10. They must have earned a few bob from that

  11. I called this, a couple of days ago : o )
  12. A possibility, but based on the sucess of Trumps foriegn policy over the last 4 years, it could be very predjudicial to your health to hold your breath...
  13. "Bring Back Obama!"
  14. Yawn. Bring back George W, or his father the CIA spook. Maybe LBJ, his SE Asia adventures were a hoot.

    Where is the aspirational Loz? Or have we all slipped into a political sphere where any old sh*te is acceptable because someone, somewhere was once as bad, or worse? At this rate Pol Pot was fine because Idi Amin was worse but Idi was still fine because Mao was worse, though he too was fine because Stalin was worse, but still fine because Adolf...
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  15. Yawn. Your hyperbole is tired and worn out.

    Or are you suggesting that a massive reduction from Obama levels of warfare and the widespread droning of civilians does not represent a more successful approach to foreign policy?

    I hadn't pegged you as a warhawk, Jez. Hmm.
    Did I say "tired"?
    Maybe I meant "fascinating". Tell me more of your support for regime change.
  16. Trumps foriegn policy has been abysmal and you know it as well as anyone. The wars are only part of his policies, as are the breaking of treaties, publicly undermining allies and lets not mention the Kurds (oops!).
  17. I sometimes wonder whether you are trolling me, Jez.

    Then you post something like ^^^ and remove any doubt in my mind.

    In case you're being serious, let's quantify what we are talking about:

    If, for the sake of argument, we say that by every rational measure, Trump's foreign policy is an improvement on those of his predecessors (Obama, Bush et al), is it acceptable to say that Trump has been relatively successful?

    I mean, I know that Obama was so very awful, in every aspect of foreign policy, that Trump could easily be a massive improvement and *still* be a complete failure. However, Trump has achieved some tangible successes and will add to this once the Dems are removed from power in the House.

    Tell you what. Please list for me what successes and potential successes Trump has had. If you respond, there aren't any, I will know you are not a serious person and I need waste no more time with you.

    If you list four significant successes, I will list two domestic and one foreign policy failures for you.
  18. Are you seriously suggesting that the outcome of Trump's gambit with the Kurds was not successful?

    Please quantify.
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