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Would You/should I Buy A Bike Online???

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by RexDangerVest, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Would you/should I buy a bike online??? without seeing it in person?

    My thoughts.
    I see plenty of pics...
    Have the VIN
    Know the mileage
    Correct Keys shown.

    So, would you at all?
    Only if you could drive to see it? Ride it home...
    If cheap enough to take a chance on Flying out and either shipping it home or riding?

    If I do it all remotely, and will need to ship it...
    How do I do that safely?
    Are there specific ways to save safe?
    Would you trust a dealer over a private sale??

    As in most things, I believe a private sale is easier to haggle down. And they usually start with a lower price for a comparable machine.

    Each week right now there are seemingly better deals.

    Thank you in advance

  2. I always like to see the bike in the flesh but then my middle name isn't Danger !!! I know loads of lads that do it but they are nowhere as fussy as me ? so it definitely suits some buyers good luck if you purchase !
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  3. IME better to fly out than take the risk (depending on value, obvs). Plenty of c*nts out thee willing to rip you off.
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  4. I have bought many of my bikes before seeing them here in the UK - as if I hadn't they would have sold - most are now worth double what I paid - some were worth double what I paid at the time I bought them, hence the rush to do the deal - fortune favours the brave :thinkingface: never had a bad experience, as you say - check everything you can remotely.

    If not a dealer I would be dubious about the money transfer if shipping - not sure what you have in the USA to safeguard this. I have at times called upon help from this very forum for viewing and for payment & acceptance of a bike ( thanks to @Android853sp and @AirCon ).
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  5. By the time you pay for flights and or shipping the deal will have to be very good to beat local ones, unless its a rare bike? On the otherhand if its located in - or close to - a place you'd like to visit why not have adventure?

  6. Does this process work if someone wants to use the bike on the road/outside the living room? :D
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  7. I've only ever bought one bike without seeing it 1st. (Tuono)

    But the dealer was reputable, the pics showed it as mint, it had a 3 month warranty and he would take it straight back if I wasn't happy with it when it arrived.

    I have to say, I coudn't be happier. :upyeah:
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  8. Only one in my living room :( but yes of course it does :bucktooth: in fact that one was from a lead by @XH558 too :yum
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  9. Your bike room has seating in it, therefore it's a living room. Stop being obtuse. :thinkingface:
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  10. Only 9 in there :(
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  11. Get all the advice you can and really explore the seller's background and character - how much has he got to lose by stitching you up in a sale? You can do all of this but there are still no guarantees that it will be a trouble-free transaction, at the end of the day it's still down to your gut instinct.
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  12. Take the seating out and you could get more in. Every bike has it's own seat, why do you need spares? :thinkingface:
  13. Then it won't be a living room, stop being obtuse :eek:
  14. Yes it will. It will have 9+ seats in it. :mad:
  15. 9 'cross' seats? :thinkingface:
  16. Sold a decent mountain bike for my daughter, had all sorts of arseholes with all sorts of scams, couriers, fake paypal, you name it. Most of the idiots came from Gumtree, one from ebay, sold it to a guy who turned up with cash, old school but fool proof, that's only going to work on a local basis.
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  17. Get an agent with a good reputation.
  18. The OP is in the USA so "flying out" could easily mean domestic travel within the country.

    Whilst living in the US I spotted a bike in the classified whilst on a disasterous trip to south California with a waitress. I did fly to see the bike, bought it, rode it to a bike shop to get a helmet, jacket and trousers. Checked the oil and gave it a look over. Kicked it up and rode Vacerville to Colorado on a twenty year old Bonny. It worked out for me, but maybe I was lucky!
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  19. Even better if it's in country USA, I had a year living in Annapolis, but i wouldn't really want to fly to San Francisco to see a bike though, shipping in the USA is relatively cheap, so a local agent and a shipper would do the trick, could even be the same person... I have a few contacts at TWI Group if you need, they may or may not be able to do it themselves, but may well have a suggestion of some one reputable.
  20. Other seat 'genders' are available
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