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Featured Wtf... How Fast Is That!!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by apatchy, Jun 25, 2020.

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  1. Good grief, I suppose the 300 in the Project 300, is about 300mph. I sense another Guy Martin TV programme. Andy
  2. fook that was quick.............
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  3. OMG
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  4. I reckon that fast fucker has a GS engine eh @JAT :D
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  5. Jesus Christ lucky the motorway is so quiet
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  6. Sunday morning on the M6 toll mate
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  7. Outrageous, blatant law breaking - I can't see it as I don't do Twatter :p:D
  8. That’s friggin’ awesome!
  9. Jeeeezzzz!!!!:eek:
  10. Well his normal production company are not going near the project , not keen on a potential wipeout of everyones favourite truck mechanic.
  11. Holy moly.

    Bit like a little 583 Ducati on Silverstone with s1000rr’s :joy::joy:
  12. Return lap leaves him like he's stood still....that is seriously quick!
  13. wt actual f?! wow
  14. That is insane !
  15. Undoubtedly......
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  16. My god that is quick!!
    Before you respond......shut it Marco Gimpo!!
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  17. I do seem to remember that Guy used a stock Superduke engine for that grey bike. :upyeah:: unamused:
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