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Xdiavel Termi - Dealer Fit

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by David Fielding, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. I was about to order Termis for my XDiavel which i would like to transfer on to a new XDiavel next year.
    Apparently this is not possible as the exhaust is registered and mapped to the chassis no and cannot be re-mapped to a new bike.They can be fitted but the bike eill run like a bag of spanners.
    Surely exhausts are not that advanced - but amazed this is what i am being told !!! Can anybody help??
  3. It doesn't sound right to me.
    Ducati Manchester were adamant and as yet i have not ordered the Termis.
    Shall i just get em anyway - they are 20% off at the monent but a bit pissed they told me this
  4. Doesn't seem right to me, Why ??
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  5. I went to Ducati Mcr yesterday regarding the Termis on my gen 1, I got the bike from there with them fitted and I was wondering if I could get it remapped, but I was told that with it being a gen 1 it was the ecu that needed looking at and had it been a gen 2 I would have needed a up map key(memory stick as such) and that stick was only mapped to that bike,so it could be right
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  6. So surely, they just use a new key for the new bike, the pipe itself has no relevance in this ??
  7. I thought it was strange too, but the guy in service said its mapped to the bike so you couldn't pass it on to youre mate to get his done as well,:confused::confused:
  8. Hi Wayne's- I meant I agree with your answer but there is a bit of after sales bullshit here as it would seem that the chip in the exhaust locks the ability to re-map the ecu - but I still can't believe exhaust systems are that intelligent !!!!
  9. Me neither. PS, you can change the disagree to agree if you so wish, to the right, you click undo rating, I'm not bothered, but just for future information
  10. Sounds very suspect !
    I think you need to talk to someone that remaps bikes , personally i don't think much to the ducati "racing " ECU's if you can your better off with a remap on a Dyno
  11. Should this be true, I would just buy something non Termi if I were you ??
  12. When was this?
  13. Thats none of their frigging business what you do with it !! If this is at all true, I would point blank refuse to buy any thing from Termi again, especially since they are hugely overpriced to start with IMO
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  14. Today
  15. IMO, 20% not enough if you can't sell or transfer it at a time when you see fit ?
  16. Look at this from an American forum - It would seem that you can fit your Termi to other bikes as long as the Mapkey is maintained.
    Thanks Wayne :)
  17. The UPMAP key works as above. When you fit the exhaust, the UPMAP is loaded into the bike with dealer software (only early UPMAPS were plug n play). When you remove the exhaust, the dealer can load stock SW back into the bike and this enables the UPMAP key to work on another bike.
    You must ensure the UPMAP key is kept safe. Once installed, it is coded to the bike so it can't be used on multiple machines. Once the process is reversed though, it can be installed on your new bike.

  18. Yep thats correct at least thats how my dealer explained it to me ! I fitted the termi myself and took the bike to dealer for upmap to be installed and was told not to lose the usb stick as its got my old map on it should i want to remove the termi at a later date !
  19. Agree with this. I have a Termi on my XDiavel and my Multi Enduro, both fitted by M&S Motorcycles (Ducati) in Newcastle with the relevant USB that came with the Termi's.

    They explained that when I sell the bikes, the Termi's can be removed and changed to new bikes or sold separately as long as I keep the USB so they can change the bike back to standard.

    Which supports the couple of comments above.
  20. I have a 2014 Gen II Diavel Carbon, with full termi and upmap.

    Is the Upmap a software program loaded on to the ECU from a Ducati lap top etc, or a physical USB stick. If it's a USB stick, does this stay plugged in to the bike, or is it supplied loose once the map has been uploaded?

    If it is a stick, and it remains on the bike, where is it?

    Sorry for all the questions, but, I would like to understand how "they" do this.
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