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Z1000 H2 - Discuss.

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by comfysofa, Oct 23, 2019.

  1. Being as probably most of you know a z1000 fanboy i was really hoping to be blown away and expect everything to be amazing. The release obviously today has revealed a slightly bloated oversized zed with a "kind of" ok 16k price bracket....im hoping that when i get to the NEC show and see one for real then it should make it all better....

    What i dont like....

    The size
    The Price (kind of)
    The Weight
    The front light

    What i do like

    One sided air intake
    Power output

    Optimist outlook

    Loose the entire exhaust system, get it remapped, loose other oem shit (bars (replace with Renthals, tail tidy, mirrors) just for starters....i do accept that it probably has to be bigger to allow for a full suite of electronics and the supercharger etc etc...
  2. It looks hideous unfortunately, it's such an own goal.

    The bike should and could have looked awesome, with that engine and supercharger configuration it'd have been a real opportunity to bring something alternative to the table.

    Unfortunately it looks fat faced and frumpy, almost part sport tourer and part.....God knows.

    I'm still going to try one though just for shits and giggles
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  3. Erm, pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is this it? or a mock up?

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  4. Nah exige - i so wish it was....if it was id have signed up for one last week!
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  5. As i say....id like to see a modded one to see what it looks like once all the shit has been removed....i bet that exhaust is good for 12 - 15 kilos,...
  6. Its almost worth buying a crashed H2 and modding it....
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  7. I think the front looks huge!, almost like the yam Niken thingy .
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  8. 4C05B88B-DD42-4A8E-BF55-CE00B3E21F82.jpeg E7D2A3F1-BD32-4707-823B-2875CB775AA2.jpeg 282EB1F2-A6D0-43D1-9CD9-90654A5213E3.jpeg 0E2E9C6B-A0DE-4909-82BB-B69E1717B0B3.jpeg
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  9. An opportunity ruined :(
  10. Without mirrors and plate holder, still needs more off the front I reckon

  11. 16 k for that wants to be a joke.

    would rather build a naked based on a few year old Gsxr, anything really. What an ugly bike.
    Prices have gone mad.
  12. Thats looking better....straight bars also...
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  13. A Full system will ease the pain...
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  14. Is that a euro 10 exhaust system, ready for 2030? End can the size of feking starship enterprise.
  15. Bet the engine is awesome though, kinda makes it even worse that someone in Kawasaki signed off the design, heads should roll.
  16. Fugly as.
  17. I bet....a h2 rear end would bolt straight on - a la the way tuono owners did it...
  18. If you blur bits and squint it's getting better

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  19. I dont get it at all, obviously. But no matter how great the engine is, it doesnt matter.
    Tuono factory
    Monster 1200

    all waayyyy before that ugly Heavy industries monster.

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