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May 20, 2024 at 9:51 PM
Apr 19, 2012
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Well-worn member, Male, from Surrey

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Viewing latest content, May 20, 2024 at 9:51 PM
    1. Eddie8413
      37years as a motorcycle mechanic and I know nothing about bike frames, it’s pretty clear when a bike been in a jig and straightened or when it’s had a minor problem like a bent lock stop. But hey why don’t we all bow down to the knowledge of “Cupid Stunts” lol really
      1. Chris
        I think you need to take your misdirected anger elsewhere, you haven't got a case here, time to move on.
        Jan 9, 2024
    2. Shaun
      Chris I’m going to suggest a rain check for later. I’m struggling with my shoulder still so won’t be on the bike. I don’t fancy going in a car to Box so will arrange something another time when the shoulder is better and your back is better!
    3. Robert Colliver
      Robert Colliver
      Hi Chris, I live about 2 Miles from where this bike is located, it is rough, the father who owns it, has dropped it twice, all panels will need repainting, frame is rusty in places, the man advertising it told me that they only paid £4250 for it when they got it

      After seeing it, I would only pay £2000 for it
      1. Chris
        Hi Robert
        That really is useful for a potential buyer on here, it might be worth adding that you have looked at it. I sometimes post up items of interest without checking them thoroughly, if i write something next to it then I have looked at it usually. The pictures in an auction are vital these days aren't they?
        Jul 2, 2022
    4. KevB
      Hey Chris, pleasure to meet up today :-) You missed me, or perhaps you didn't, making an arse of myself leaving as I lost my footing paddling the bike out! Saved by a guy who ran to my rescue...! I owe him some beers...! Cheers, Kev.
      1. Chris
        Hi Kev, likewise, really good to meet a like-minded soul, that topic of designs and patents cheered me up no end:)
        Phew! thank goodness - good save.
        See you next month or maybe sooner.
        Aug 1, 2020
    5. joedai
      hi chris,im a newbie on here,i was told to ask for you by a seller on ebay,ive bought a slash termi system for my 1098s ,he said you may be able to help out with a termi map for me on my stock ecu? cheers john
    6. Electric Sheep
      Electric Sheep
      Hi Chris, the Multistrada and staintune system have to go... do you want a chat? Dave..
    7. slumdog
      Hi Chris , Do you know if I swap an ecu the bike will run ? Have an issue with it running very rich and ducati jon thinks it that..
      1. Chris
        it will pre-749/999/1000DS etc. As soon as the immobiliser type ECU was introduced then you need the whole kit - i.e. instrument/ignition lock and key/ECU. You can get each of these reprogrammed but it isn't easy. You could try p.m.-ing chrisw on here maybe.
        Aug 9, 2018
    8. Chris
    9. Joe44
      Hi Chris can you do a reflash of a 06 999 ECU to suit a termi slip on system (silencer + de cat pipe?) what's the average turnaround time and cost please? Will have to post from N Ireland
    10. eddiehonker
      Hi Chris I am in Fetcham near Leatherhead. Do you anything about fuel pump relay
    11. knappers
      just join the forum because I was looking through Ducati stuff and I saw Chris mentioned a 600 with a 916 tank and seat unit from Devon. Think i might have that very bike, bought it couple of years ago and just pulled it out of the shed. Wanted to know if Chris had any info on it. Thanks
    12. slumdog
      WHat's in Horsham ? This weather is becoming a boor , either cold, blowing a gale or wet !
      1. Chris likes this.
    13. slumdog
      Hi Chris - might get a 848 what do you think ?
      1. Chris
        Hi Richard price is certainly favourable on older models now but i'd still be torn between yours and one. Are you going to Horsham thing on Friday?
        Apr 1, 2015
    14. kev cornwall
      kev cornwall
      chris if you want the red clutch, ive bought the gold one, kev
      1. Chris
        Hi Kev
        Thanks but on close inspection looks like a few waves - don't get me wrong, still a fair price but these wear far quicker than steel once they start getting some play don't they? Think i'll treat myself to a new one : )
        All the Best
        Feb 10, 2015
      2. kev cornwall
        kev cornwall
        no worries, didnt notice the gold one till after and looks new, so thought id go for that,hope your well, kev
        Feb 10, 2015
    15. densel16
      Hi Chris. Have you still got the termis??
    16. slumdog
      Hi Chris
      It was not the head gasket after all - water pump knackered. Head came off the find this out though and all the valves screwed up and a rocker arm - what do ducati use as metal I wonder.. have to thrash the c/card to get it back together .. Hope to see you soon matey..
    17. PhilB
      Hi Chris, Sorry you could'nt make it yesterday! It was bloody cold on the way down to Pietro's my lips nearly froze together!
      I understand things are not so good with you and your health, I do hope you feel better soon, so we can get out and about on the bikes again soon.
      You were missed yesterday:frown:
      Take care
      Cheers Phil
    18. figaro
      Chris - clear your inbox mate, I'm trying to contact you...
    19. PhilB
      Hi Chris,
      Boxhill today! Your brave! Too much crap on the roads for me and currently at work! so I had to try to bank some sleep earlier.
      How's the old knee getting on? I do hope you've had some progress from the last time I saw you, which was probably autum last year!
      Cheers Phil
    20. Chris
      Hi Tony
      It's really nice of you to think of me - I would have put my name down already if it weren't for my questionable health and some family circumstances. I don't know what the deadline is and I don't know if it makes things easier to sign up early in which case I understand. I will have a serious think and let you know - Elefant would be perfect but have to check engine so I always have the Monster. Hope you and Caroline are well.
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