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Dirty Leeds
May 1, 2017
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    1. Cyberwookie
      Evening, I’m looking to move a 125cc project bike from York to my father in laws in Newcastle. Would you be able to do this at the moment I f socially distance for the collection and drop off. Let me know if this is something you would consider and the price please. Glenn
    2. Cyberwookie
      Morning, I hope this is the right request to the right person. I’m looking to move a Ducati 959 and extra fairing panels from Stevenage to York soon. It seem daft to ride it as it needs a couple of jobs doing to it first and has low mileage. I’d also need to tax and insure it which I don’t want to do just to relocate it. So would you provide me with a cost for collecting and delivering it please? Glenn
    3. Cyberwookie
      Ok, I’ll do some research over the weekend to see what’s needed to register the bike in the uk (unless you know?) and then I’ll get you the deposit. Just being cautious as I’m not sure what’s involved. Do you know when it was last run and used?
    4. Cyberwookie
      Morning, what size deposit would secure it? Say £200?
      1. Dirty Leeds
        Dirty Leeds
        Morning, I hadn’t thought about it to be fair, if it was somebody not on the forum it would be 10% but £200 would be fine
        Jan 19, 2019
    5. Cyberwookie
      Evening, I may be interested in the s4rs. As I’ve always fancied one. Can you let me have a look at it when it arrives in the uk please? I work in Leeds. Thanks G
      1. Dirty Leeds
        Dirty Leeds
        Hi, yes plan is around the 9th Feb, obviously if someone wants to put a deposit on it they can but it’s unlikely
        Jan 19, 2019
    6. Ducati-Spain
      Hi Carl

      Found you , can you arrange my bike move from Spain to Uk

      I also want to sell it

      2008, 13,000 Kms white/red
    7. Dibble
      Hi mate, just saw your post on the bike transport thread, I may need a bike bringing down from Ducati Glasgow to Reading, it’s currently set up for track use but will also have all the road kit with it, is it a job you’d be interested in and if so what would the likely cost be?

      Cheers, Dibs
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    Stomp 170cc and rvf 400


    Yorkshire man with a van uk and Europe
    Or just Carl 07976855137
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