1. Stevefrs
    "Excellent service"
    Pros - Great service and realistic prices.
    No hard sell on other items.
    Knowledgeable team
    Cons - None
    Overall this is what customer service should be. Knowledgeable team, approachable and realistically priced.
    No hesitation in recommending italia moto, and will be a repeat customer moving forward.Clear advice given on what my monster needed after it had sat about for a year. Made me feel as though I had been a long term customer when in reality it was my first visit. Great price and service, no hard sell on items that would need sorting soon. Found a few things that they sorted without any fuss and didn't charge for.
    Recommend to all whether you have a classic or a brand new bike.
  2. Jenko821sp
    "Excellent service"
    Pros - Customer service
    Cons - Nothing
    Had my hypermotard 821sp serviced, mot’d, new tyres, fork seal, Giuseppe Starace airbox fitted, rexxer remap,heated grips, free collection and delivery, awesome service will be using again .
  3. wolfram
    "Brilliant service provided for a distressed 900SS"
    Pros - Dropped everything to help in an emergency
    Cons - None
    I turned up unannounced, 150 miles from home, with a poorly 25 year old 900SS. Hats off to Phil, Gary and the rest - repaired the fuel pump wiring in the tank and got me going again!
  4. Ben Mallinson
    "Service Excellence!!"
    Pros - - Easy to find
    - Very welcoming main agent
    - Excellent staff
    - Nothing too much hassle
    - Go the extra mile
    - Understand the value and importance of customer service

    - Free collection/delivery service and winter rates available
    Cons - - It's easy to loose an hour or two drinking coffee and passing the time of day with the staff...
    Just had my 1198 serviced by the guys at Italia Moto.

    The overall experience was superb and I will most certainly be using them for all of my Ducati Servicing from this point forward!

    The staff are very enthusiastic about their work, have an immense depth of knowledge within the Dealership, are more than willing to share their knowledge and take pride in providing a very high standard of customer service.

    My 1198 was in for a Desmo Service and Valve Clearances to be done along with a few other bits. Terry on the service desk was extremely helpful throughout and offered knowledge and recommendations of available options for various bits and pieces that I wanted done in addition to the routine service.

    The dealership workshop was very busy at this time so I was provided a courtesy bike until the following morning when my bike would be ready for collection. John on the sales desk was also very good throughout the whole process, sorting me out with a demonstrator to go away and have a play on until the following morning when my bike would be ready for collection again.

    I received several calls with progress updates on the work being carried out and not just in relation to anything additional that was picked up and needed bringing to my attention. One call was due to my rear tyre being past it's best which I was expecting anyway, I was advised that they could either do it at the time or I could sign an advisory piece of paper upon collection stating I had been made aware of this and ride the bike home. I took the decision that I would come away and purchase the tyres myself and then return and have them fitted at a later date.

    Upon collection of the bike I was informed that the workshop technician had taken it upon himself to swap my rear tyre with a scrubbed tyre they had laying around the workshop and was in better shape than the one I had arrived with. This was carried out free of charge and meant I then had a little more time to take getting some replacements ordered.

    Having 2 services carried out at the same time proved to be effective in reducing labour costs and I also received some discount on the additional parts I purchased and had fitted at the same time.

    As said above, the overall experience and customer service that I received was exceptional at Italia Moto. Having these people look after my bike will only add to the pleasure of Ducati ownership! I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for Ducati servicing and will most certainly be taking my bike there annually.

    I wish all dealers within the Automotive industry were as good as Italia Moto.
  5. Fire3500
    "Great people and service"
    Pros - Knowledgeable friendly staff, good atmosphere and great integrity.
    Cons - It rains a lot so sometimes I have to go in the car.
    I bought my first Ducati from Jon at Italia Moto and could not be happier with the service I received. The guys really are enthusiasts and know their stuff to a really deep level but their friendliness means that this isn't intimidating and they share their knowledge freely.

    A warranty claim on the bike was dealt with expertly and with courtesy and so I have had no hesitation in choosing Italia Moto for service and parts work.

    A special word about Terry who runs the service and parts side, this guy really has a detailed knowledge of the bikes and provides great advice and patiently answers all kinds of oddball questions.

    The feeling I get from Italia Moto is that although as a main dealer they are more expensive than an independent they are not exploiting this premium. At service I could choose to ride in or have the bike collected and delivered and Terry was clear to mention to me that their winter rates were cheaper and that I could save money having my bike services during this period (Jon had also mentioned this to me previously). When my bike was returned I discovered several things that had just been tidied up, fixed or replaced (odd fasteners) that added only pennies to my invoice but showed a real level of attention to detail.

    Would I recommend Italia Moto? Absolutely. I'm sure that there are some great independent garages who deliver equally strong levels of customer service but to feel valued as a customer and be treated consistently well makes dealing with these guys a pleasure and has added to my enjoyment of Ducati.
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  6. Rudolph Hart
    "Good guys"
    Pros - Helpful, friendly down to earth people. Pleasure to deal with.
    Cons - Can't think of any.
    Bought my bike from Italia Moto in 2009. I wanted to change a few things on the GT1000 & Phil was very helpful in pointing me to where I could buy the parts I wanted at a good price, even though he couldn't stock them himself. Will happily buy from them again.