1. jcmental
    "Un helpful"
    Pros - None
    Cons - only in it for the money
    My bike is out of warranty. After years of having to go to them for servicing, and a 250mile round trip. I decided to do my own, I asked if they would reset my service reminder and they said they wont because I didn't get it serviced by them. I under stand their not getting a service out of it but I'd of paid £20 just to get the reminder reset, thats £20 for what 5 minuets work.
  2. 899Owner
    Pros - They're the closest Ducati dealer for anyone living in North Cumbria or South West Scotland.
    Cons - Condescending attitude towards prospective customers and a lack of willingness to support existing customers.
    Without a doubt, the least friendly supplier of services and goods (at any price point) that I have ever dealt with. They give the impression that they do not want to sell anything, it's as if friends are welcome in their showroom but customers aren't. They may permit a customer to buy a bike, but any request for aftersales support will be considered a nuisance and treated with contempt. Overall their attitude taints the Ducati ownership experience.

    See http://ducatiforum.co.uk/posts/714273/

    Caveat: My opinion is based on multiple experiences between 2008 and 2015. I never met Levi and it is possible that she has managed to change the attitude of the other staff, but as she is a junior member of the team this is unlikely.
  3. Simmy
    "Levi & Crew"
    Pros - My brother has a Diavel and i have a Multistrada, we both have had dealings with J & L Motorcycles, they have always been very helpful with information and tech support, great dealership very busy though, book 2 or 3 weeks in advance, no wonder.
    Cons - Non that i know of.
    Very busy Ducati outlet in the middle of Carlisle, good people, good dealership, they are very willing to discuss your issues at length and advise on correct coarse of action for problem, no bull shit here.
  4. Steve genelli
    "Pleasure to deal with"
    Pros - Professional sales staff
    Cons - None
    This is how a dealer should conduct their business,makes buying a motorcycle an enjoyable experience,no pressure to buy,dealer has knowledge of the product and is not too expensive for their stock
  5. Bibman
    "Great staff"
    Pros - Friendly staff, knowledgable and honest !
    Cons - None
    Always do exactly as they say they will. and Nothing is a hassle for them. They have a great range of quality products. (Bikes, clothing & parts). Often get a nice cuppa too!
  6. ChrisBirb
    "Excellent service."
    Pros - Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Good selection of kit.
    Cons - Can't think of any so far.
    Traded a Kawasaki (I had bought off them) in for a Multistrada. Had a good experience with all of the staff both during and after the purchase. A (sort of) warranty claim was handled professionally at no cost to myself. Even filled the tank up for the journey home. Will continue to use J&L because of the above.
  7. Mongoose
    "Gamble payed off !"
    Pros - Very honest. Friendly over the phone and pleasure to deal with.
    Cons - You'll struggle to find any.
    i took a chance in buying my 749 from them last year as I only had a few pictures and there word to go on. I needn't worry though as when they delivered it to me(for a very competitive price) in a brand new van it was exactly as they said it was. I was very pleased in this and the driver gave me some useful info as it is the first duke I've owned. After the 3 month warranty expired I notice a small water leek from one of the coolant pipes. A quick phone call to them and a replacement hose was sent to me free of charge. They even offered to pay for the fitting of this by another dealer which I declined as I like to do most of the maintenance myself. I live over 300 miles south from them and feel like a few dealers around me could take a leaf out of there book in customer service.
  8. johnv
    "Ducati in Carlisle"
    Pros - Local, accessible, knowledgable and friendly.
    I bought my Multistrada new in 2012 and have taken it back for all of my servicing and tyres. A couple of minor problems were quickly sorted under warranty. I have been very happy with the service I have received and would definitely recommend them.
  9. ibgarrow
    "Multistrada Service and 748 parts"
    Pros - Good local service
    Easy to access, parking space, friendly and knowledgable booking, with attention to detail (screw in throttle grip replaced at no charge which I'd never spotted)
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