1. Nostromo
    "Great service"
    Pros - Fast and friendly service.
    Cons - Nada
    Bought my Panigale last year from pro twins, Pete sent my loads of pictures and kept me updated all the way to delivery!
    Hope to pop down in person later this year!
  2. Bridgland
    "A Class Act"
    Pros - The team there really know their stuff, especially the older bikes like my 888. They have been a source of information and confidence whole I go about my restoration
    Cons - None at all
    Pete has been the primary contact there and helped me get some hard to find parts as well as taken on the engine rebuild. Excellent service and support from the team there and starting to be a regular Saturday visit.
  3. cl955
    "Regular Customer - still good service"
    Pros - Workshop team are great, really helpful and knowledgeable about the older bikes (888 onwards)
    Cons - None really
    Have been a customer of Pro Twins for about 25 years and never had a problem with the service work there. It's great that the same nucleus of people that started on Day are still there!
  4. sam996S
    "Top shop"
    Pros - Brilliant advice, excellent customer service
    Cons - Wish they had online ordering
    I was going out of my way to use Pro Twins because I could rely on them for technical advice, sourcing parts and always-happy-to-help customer service.
  5. Pfk
    "Can’t fault"
    Pros - Friendly, helpful, genuine advice
    Cons - None
    After almost being ripped off by a local specialist, my local MOT centre recommended these guys, Labour is reasonable with no hidden extras, totally upfront and no BS.
    Lots of email communication from Pete on how my Desmo service was going, the guys were a pleasure to deal with.

    Won’t be going anywhere else in a hurry
  6. Morty
    "Great Team at Pro Twins"
    Pros - Service second to none!
    Cons - None and don't anticipate any!
    Great team, friendly, helpful, not pushy. I chose to buy my Multi from these guys because unlike the other Ducati guys in the south, these guys really care about you being happy. It's like dealing with friends, tea is pretty good too!
  7. Panosher
    "The best"
    Pros - Very knowledgeable and friendly. They try first to help and not to sell
    Cons - Location
    They are located in not an easy to commute place but they deserve the miles.

    These guys know what they are doing and they love it. I went there once to check them as I was looking to get a bike, so guess what? I left with a new bike. That much confidence I felt that I could not go wrong in terms of aftersales, support etc with these guys and that feeling only grows bigger each time I visit them.
  8. Fat Pete
    "First Class Dealer"
    Pros - Excellent customer service. Always willing to help. Very friendly service. Always get a proper mug of tea (not out of a machine). Reasonable labour rates.
    Cons - None
    I bought my new Monster 821 and got a great deal from a very friendly bunch of guys. At the first service I was able to chat to the Technician doing the work, who was very willing to answer any questions. I wouldn't use anyone else.
  9. Lorne250
    "Great bunch of Girls"
    Pros - Excellent service, always go the extra mile to help
    Cons - Coffee needs sorting
    Been going to Pro twins for a number of years and have never failed to deliver, extensive product knowledge and friendly atmosphere unlike other dealers in the nearby area
  10. Sikorsky From Hell
    "Great Service"
    Pros - Professional and helpful
    Had the belts changed on my 1098 and the price was very reasonable. The team were very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. They gave me useful advice about my bike even though that wasn't part of the work. Will definitely go back and use them again.