1098 Ecu And Loom To Work With 916 Type Coil

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  1. Has anyone used the above?

    Looking to use a 1098 wiring system to run a 888 engine with the stand alone coils and plug leads.
  2. You need to know the impedance of the respective coils, easily done with a multimeter or look at the spec.

    if they’re the same them just sort out the relevant connector.

    the coils don’t have anything to identify them to the ecu as such so whether its stick coil or ht lead the ecu doesn’t care.
  3. Just out of interest will the Desmoquattro engine run ok with the 1098 ecu or do you have a testastretta engine in there?
  4. It will be using the 1098 type tps.
    With remapping to suit.

    The 1098 coils connector is 3 wire, the desmo is 2. Not looked at any wiring diags but assume one is a com neg.
  5. Oh superb.
    So i could in theory use the same setup on the 916 and bin off the 1.6m ecu?

    the stick coil will have a -ve, +ve and signal, so the ecu will probably drive each coil independently rather than firing both at the same time as a wasted spark
  6. Although will be looking to use a 1098 dash.
    The 1098 tps type is used in the s4rs throttle bodies. These have had new link braces made to fit from testa to desmo engine.
  7. The stick coils use a 12V permanent feed, earth and trigger/signal. The older coils had a 12V permanent feed with the trigger being fired by the ECU. TPS signal differs in that the later ones aren't a linear signal.
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  8. The tps has been changed to the 1098 style using s4rs tb. So that should cover the tps issue.

    I wonder if there is a different size stick coil that fits into the desmo engine, that runs at the same impedance?
  9. could you not use a panigale coil?
  10. Can I?
  11. sorry it was just a thought. I've just been looking at the wiring diagrams panis are two wire, I thought with it being newer ducati may have stuck with the 3 wire set up but with a traditional style coil.
    Im not sure how the pani coils work maybe nelly could shed some light on that
  12. is there a reason you want to use standalone coils and leads?
  13. Its what will fit into the 888 engine.

    It must be able to be reversed engineered, as 1098 engines and stick coils get run in 996 conversions with the old P ecu
  14. I only ask as I've see older car engines converted to COP set ups with the coil just pushed into plug hole, some need extenders to reach the plug but thats no big issue. The mounting points on the coils aren't a ground in most cases.

    Toine @ biggelaar performance has done various conversions may be worth asking him?
  15. Pros and cons;

    the stick coil or coil on plug is really more than anything a packaging benefit.

    you remove the High tension element and move a coil pack onto the plug itself.

    The next benefit is derived when you have variable ecu driven ignition timing as the cop setup will react a bit quicker than a conventional coil setup- we’re talking milliseconds here so only really noticeable to the microprocessors.

    disadvantages are that as a package they’re prone to failure more often than a separate coil due to the harsh environment they're in - dirt, heat, vibration.

    A normal coil pack has a longer and more reliable duty life due to being mounted away from a roasting hot vibrating lump of engine.

    For different length coils try looking at denso stuff once you find the resistance you need.

    if you’re Ecu isn’t doing whizzy things with your ignition then you’re really only getting a packaging benefit with a coP setup as you’re saving the coil pack and leads packaging requirement. :)

    ref grounds, they use the plug to ground out. The three pin ones have a secondary failsafe ground loop built into them.
  16. When I built my bikes i retained the 1098 sticks then ran an extension from these to the desired (correct for engine) plug caps.
    Worked perfectly and the bikes are still going strong.
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