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1098 Street Fighter - 2009 - First Ducati And Love It

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by SF Kiwi, May 12, 2019.

  1. Hey there guys and ladies

    Had my SF 1098 for a month now and just love it, never have I had a bike that makes me love motorcycles so much.
    Since the age of 19 and seeing my first Ducati.....Paso 750, I fell in love.

    It's taken till the age of 45 to finally get one.

    Just love the whole experience of riding it, from the chugging at 30mph to the bang of 90.

    It's a thrill, more than any other bike I've owned. Love the engine the handling the noise the badge and love what it means.

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  2. Welcome and enjoy. Nice looking bike!
  3. Welcome Dave
  4. Welcome SFKiwi and glad to see you're smitten; you'll never go back now:)
    That's a good looking bike, the previous owner obviously cared about it:upyeah:
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  5. Thank you, I certainly am smitten. Hard to think what other Ducati I'd have now, it's just so perfect (for me)
    The previous owner had her for 4 years and only put 1k on the clock, I've had her a month and done that!
    It's going to be a wonderful relationship.
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  6. Welcome to the Ducati forum love the intro love the bike very true words spoken that's exactly how I feel and still feel after a year of owning my Pannigale so much so thinking of buying a multistrada to add to my collection
  7. welcome sf-kiwi'
  8. Hello and welcome dude...
    Nice bike... where in NZ are You?
  9. Hey there Chiz, I'm a Kiwi exPat, all the way down in Newquay Cornwall here in England, the surf capital of the UK. Narrow roads with Cornish banks you can't see over or through, but we love it.We have some open roads on the coast, but I'm looking forward to finding some roads out of county.
    Where are you now?
    Originally from Balclutha, South Otago, New Zealand
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  10. Nice, don’t change it if you like it, too many do that and regret it forever, the grass is not always greener, I imagine it’s a great bike for Cornwall I was in Wadebridge, Truro area, watergate bay hotel etc last week working and really want a return asap, enjoy the bike in the best colour and welcome on here.
  11. Welcome Aussie islander dude :cool::upyeah: Chiz is ransacking Europe for a month, see his travel thread :bucktooth:
    Great bikes the SF’s, I have one somewhere o_O
  12. Welcome, originally from just up the road from me.
  13. Welcome Kiwi Cornlander dude, nice bike :upyeah:
  14. Wow NZ Dave....you still in Invers?
    I was there a month ago, my bro have a dairy farm half an hour out...funny visiting there after so long away (23 years)
    Whats your ride and do you do the Burt Munro race?
  15. Thanks for the welcome....loving the group.
    Loved going over to Hayle last night for Bike Night, few Ducatis there but so many other bike...Eye Porn
    There was one bike there which I just stared at with a stupid grin on my face....V4rs....oh my days, only 100 miles on the clock and it was stunning...stunning stunning
  16. Welcome kiwi surfer dude
  17. Yep, I grew up in the back woods of Southland, Blackmount, between Tuatapere and TeAnau, moved to the big smoke, Invers', for High School and never left. I work for Fonterra at the Dairy Factory at Edendale, where is your brothers farm? I ride a 2003 800 SSie, in Yellow, the best colour, I attend all the events of the Burt but don't compete, I also ride offroad quite a bit, not usually competition, but do the odd club enduro.
  18. Welcome SF Kiwi. That SF 1098 is certainly a fatanstic looking bike.
    Enjoy it to the full and put some decent mileage on it :upyeah::)
  19. Hey there David, I'm absolutely loving the bike and the miles are going up and up. Seem to ride the bike almost every day, and find an excuse too.
    I love the curb appeal it has....makes me so so proud. Love it.....love it love it
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  20. Welcome chap - - the SF are great bikes enjoy
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