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For Sale 1098 Street Fighter For Sale

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Ryan, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. My Ducati 1098 Street fighter up for grabs

    2009 red 3500miles

    Termi slip ons.
    Carbon Rad guard
    Radiator grill guard
    Carbon rear fender
    Short levers
    Ducati Performance seat

    Currently has Metzeller M77RR tyres fitted.

    Great condition for its age.

    Was purchased new in UK by the owner before me who then shipped it out with him to Saudi Arabia as he worked in oil.industry.
    He returned to UK and brought bike back home with him so has been in Saudi Arabia for most of its life before me hardly seen signs of water.

    I bought from mid Essex motorcycles.

    I am the second owner.

    Fancy an 899 or 1199 panigale next reason for sale.

    £7995 OVNO










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  2. Tidy your garage :eek:
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  3. Was my dads garage mines is much tidier honest
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  4. Great shot with the Bins in the background though
    7 out of 10,
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  5. that's not bins in the back ground that's different coloured BMW GS's
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  6. Still for sale £7995 with modifications

    £6995 fully standard

    bike now has 3700miles
  7. Thanks, but it's not a S.

    I'm having a little run out tomorrow to pick one up.
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  8. A little run out :thinkingface: little :thinkingface:.......... :eyes:
  9. Actually.....it's a bloody big run out!!! Lol
  10. Lovely bike. Sounds like it’s now getting some long awaited mileage, keep it :upyeah:
    #11 Jimmy899, Apr 15, 2018
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018
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  11. bikes also on eBay
  12. Some more recent photos




  13. Is this bike still for sale ?
  14. April 2018 post. Unlikely but I love your optimism;)
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  15. Nice collection of bins.
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  16. Oooo I just checked them out :)
  17. 192C2B79-761B-4BE4-81AB-5D41B71AF73F.jpeg
    My 999 is
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