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For Sale 1098r Bayliss Le.

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by baylissboy, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. As I've already said, mine, owned from new, is similar mileage/condition and I would expect circa 20k if I was wanting to move it.
    If you aren't in a hurry you could obviously ask for more, but with some dealers (not the sheffield fairy story brigade) knocking out 1098Rs
    and Bayliss models around 22k, you can't expect private sales to pull the same as not even a short term warranty comes with it.

    As far as the extras go, we never really get much back for bolt on trinkets. The extra slash cut cans are worth a few quid, but only from
    a sell on perspective. The whole lot isn't worth £500-1k on top of the bike for most buyers, it is only what we have decided to do to add our stamp.
    You are better off removing it all and selling it separately.

    Sorry if it sounds harsh, but as an owner of the same bike I feel I can be a little more realistic. Ultimately it all depends on how desperate
    you are to shift it quickly.
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  2. Pitch it too high and you won't get a bite. It'll just sit there. For ages. Then when you drop the price the watchers will smell blood.... and the piss take offers will commence.
    I always price to sell. I'll set a minimum in my mind and if it doesn't make it, I keep it. Which is fine provided the bailiffs aren't hoofing your front door in.
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  3. I have just dropped my 1299 anniversairo in to the dealer on sale or return, looked at all others for sale and priced a couple of grand below what they were asking (to much in my opinion) told my dealer what was the lowest i would take and will leave the rest to them to sort out.
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  4. Time for me to look down the back of the settee Steve. :heart_eyes: I might be a couple of quid short, I fear. :(

    Baylissboy's 1098R

    Screenshot 2020-01-22 at 11.51.41.png

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  5. ...A bit late for me,fecking hounds.;)
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  6. Roger. :bucktooth:


    That's Roger. Sitting on a fortune, he is. :)
  7. Not change silly :bucktooth:
  8. Sssshhhhh. I'm still counting. :mad: I'm not far away. :bucktooth:

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  9. Deposit taken on bike, I know it's never a done deal until the money's in the bank, but I think I can say it's sold.
    Thanks for all your comments.
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  10. Good bikes always sell.

    The bloke who bought my Streetfighter told me that. :)
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  11. Congratulations @baylissboy ,that was a very easy and quick sale,i hope you got very near to want you wanted moneywise.:upyeah:
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  12. Yeah, how much did you get for it?

    C’mon don’t be shy, spit it out :laughing:
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  13. After commission :thinkingface:
  14. It was up for £26.995 ono,so a educated guess say at £26k?
  15. After commission :thinkingface:
  16. What would be the commission amount be,2/5%:thinkingface:
  17. Dunno :thinkingface:
  18. At the sale price of £26k.........2% =520 3% =780 4% =1040.
  19. Wow, I’d be lucky to get £15k for mine I reckon. Anyone want it? I’m gonna sell soon.
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