Featured 1098 1098r - R Is For Ridiculous

Discussion in '848 / 1098 / 1198' started by Robarano, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. Yep. Helmsley to Stokesley was decent, but a lad on a Repsol Fireblade had a definite death wish. :skull:

    Just got on the A19 after that to crunch some miles. :motorcycleduc:

    Oh, you is knackered coz you is old. :thinkingface:
  2. Oh, I agreed then thought of this...:bucktooth:

    3BBFB4EB00000578-4079420.jpg 47B0C5B500000578-5227353-image-a-44_1514871019359.jpg
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  3. Aye, you have a few months yet :thinkingface:
  4. They’d probably ask why we wrap ourselves up in thick black leather clothes and swelter in 30deg heat! I found myself asking this earlier!
  5. Did you go out on your bike afterwards? :eyes:
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  6. And, in my experience, I (we?) don’t get to see the kind of ladies kindly posted by Exige when we’re in our cow suits either, mores the pity!
  7. Susssh, what happens in the club stays in the club!
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  8. I love this post....your reply...Makes me smile.
    I really want at 1098r as I have the SF 1098 and it's everything you are all saying apart from upright. I love the noise the brakes the nuts of it. I ride the nuts off of it and have put maybe 4k in 4 months this summer, Its hard work in town, but it's a Dook....I love it and can't wait for the Super Bike version.....Oh my daze Yes
  9. You'll be amazed by the difference in power between the 1098 Streetfighter and the 1098R. It's night and day.The 1098R is brutal.

    I've had both, @Exige and @baylissboy have both bikes now. I'm sure they will concur. :)
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  10. While ive no argument with the brutality of the 1098r and currently owning a thumper, L-Twin, il4 and a V4 the sound goes a long way....after 8 years of owning my rsv4 i would still say nothing beats the noise it makes when its been ridden hard...for me its a v4 being shifted up through the box on a QS and its as if the higher it goes from a rev point of view the tone of the engine drops a tad...weird but so addictive...
  11. You've sold the R Rob?
  12. Nope, the Streetfighter, a while ago now.
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  13. @Robarano is correct, there is no comparison between a SFS & 1098R.....completly different animals!!!
  14. This sounds better, 1200cc of deep howling IL4 like the bowls of Hell have opened, with a high banshee wail over the top when it boosts - intoxicating - 8mpg

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  15. Good to hear.....And now the issue of telling my wife...or at least asking my wife...
    I'm already plotting a way to do this....
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  16. The one currently used based on pictures and giggles appears to be, it's an investment love or in exi's case

    je to investice z lásky
  17. Que? :confused:
  18. Why do you get a big sweaty, sticky mess on the pipe with the turbo? And can we have a vid?:astonished:
  19. Blown seals on an old Holset Turbo before swapping to a RayJay unit, bike is on the list for a recommission but other projects in the way :eyes:
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  20. Bit greedy. :eyes:
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