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1198 1098r V 1198s For A Fast Road Bike.

Discussion in '848 / 1098 / 1198' started by pauly, Oct 15, 2020 at 7:08 PM.

  1. I bought it before they went mental. The guy had it up for slightly more than the standard road bike, but I negotiated a big chunk off. I didn'tt think he would go for it as I took the mickey a little bit, but he was loaded and had bought another bike by then.

    Also, it was hard to value as it had a lot of money spent on it.
    • BST Wheels - £2.5k
    • NOVA gearbox - £2.5k
    • Ohlins NIX30 kit - £1kish
    • Nemesis TC & QS -£I forget
    • JHP engine rebuild - £scary
    • Loads of other stuff I'd have to look at the bike to remember.
    If you are looking at @ditchvisitor 's bike on here, previously owned by @Mary Hinge I'd buy that if in the market.
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  2. Interesting thread (reading through). I think either of these bikes are gonna be bought on the heart/gut feeling. I think personally the value comes from simply just owning something like this. Ive got an old RSV4 factory (the real shit ones with no electronics that explode) which has had a fair bit thrown at it to make it handle the way i want. Ive not used it for a good few months now. Went in the garage last night for some tools, glanced a look at it in the corner on its paddock stand, few butterflies, then thought (i own that...) and thats 10 years into ownership. I think whoever buys it will be buying for the same reason. I dont know what the reasons are for the lad whose selling it but i always find the "its not getting used enough so its up for sale" (which is what i normally see) a little bit of an excuse. If mine doesnt get used properly for 6 months then the day its comes out for a run with the lads its like i just bought the thing a couple of months back and ive not ridden it for a while...personally for me thats where the value is...I definately wont be the richest man in the graveyard...bike ownership has made sure of that! :)
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  3. And I’d ignore the ‘Ive seen something happen once so it affects the, all’ brigade with the cases. Gearboxes, yes they are like cheese, but so are the 1198s generally! And this one has had a full, expensive rebuild anyway :upyeah:
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  4. Not singling any bike or owner out here, but in general when I read about a bike being for sale just after a rebuild, I wonder how spendy the seller was. Was it no expense spared, or fix it enough to move it on?
  5. I can show you the receipts, everything that was in any doubt was replaced, probably spent £1k at MotoRapido on nuts/bolts/washers fixings etc!
  6. Just the engine build alone cost me over 4k. Ditchers has all the paperwork...
  7. I know diddly squat about Ducati rebuilds, did that include new rods, valves and barrels?
  8. Maybe worth reading the original rebuild thread and gaining some understanding of what was done?
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  9. Is the answer to my question about the rods, valves and barrels there then?
  10. New barrels and Pistal HC pistons. Rods no. The 1098R has Pankl titanium rods. Don’t know how much they are but you won’t get them in Christmas crackers.
    Bearings and new conrod bolts (expensive) Rebuilt transmission too. 3rd gear replaced IIRC.
  11. Thanks, are the Pistals higher comp than the standard pistons? Not that expensive to have rods inspected for cracks, stretch, twist or ovality I believe.
  12. What!? It’ll cost a fucking fortune! And yes, Pistals are higher compression I believe :):upyeah:
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  13. Not being funny but if you know didly squat why ask? If they are done will you buy it and if they aren’t does that become the only reason not to buy?
  14. @pauly it's your money bud so you buy what you want, in my opinion id go for a 1098r and I wouldn't hesitate to buy @ditchvisitor bike, I've had an 1198 base model and it was cracking, though not that special they are cracking, but a 1098r is a special bike. Don't listen to the it's a track bike bull shit . Its clearly a brilliant bike and get it bought.
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  15. It would cost less than new rods. :)
  16. Not being funny, but work it out?
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  17. Just wondering why the fellas bike is being dissed all over this thread really. Seems harsh if no one who’s commenting and criticising is interested in buying it.
    Buy the 1198, you’ll have 10 grand to fix it then :sob::laughing::joy::upyeah:
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  18. Has anyone dissed an actual bike. And how do you know someone commenting on the thread isn't interested in buying it?
  19. Well this is getting feisty.... Hilarious :laughing:

    @pauly FYI it's a great bike. If you like it, buy it. It'll be fine :):upyeah:
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