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Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Esbee, Nov 30, 2017.

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  1. Testing the water ladies and gents.

    A genuine bike, in excellent condition, registered in 2008, with just over 6000miles on the clock which is supported by documented history. MOT'd until June 2018.

    Full service history and wants for absolutely nothing. This years service included a new clutch basket and plates, front fork overhaul including bushes, belts, valve clearances as well as the normal stuff. Been serviced at Ducati Glasgow annually, from where it was initially sold in 2008, and has been in my care since 2013. I am the third registered keeper. Treated by All Year Biker valet service annually (ACF50 treatment). Road use only.

    Suspension recently set up by Eddie at ERS Racing.

    Has clear stomp grips on tank, paint protection kit, R&G tail tidy, Ducati performance tinted double bubble screen, r&g crash bungs. Optimate charger and genuine Ducati cover and a rear paddock stand.

    Located near Aberdeen NE Scotland and currently on SORN.

    Looking for £16,250 ovno. No part exchanges.

    PM me if your are as genuine as this rare and iconic Ducati.




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  2. Nice bike mate glws :upyeah:
  3. Shame about those bungs...
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  4. I wondered who'd be the 1st :innocent:
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  5. Yeah me too! Glad it wasn't me.:rolleyes:
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  6. Oh Bungs :eek:

    GLWS :):upyeah:
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  7. I knew who'd be 2nd. :)
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  8. Whats those black things on the sides???
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  9. Nice bike.
  10. I would have offered £19k but the bungs made me fall violently ill and I’ve spent the money on homeopathy and aromatherapy.
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  11. Tough crowd.

    When I put my bike for sale on here what faults are you all going to pick with it?

    It’s not red?
    It’s only won one national championship?
    It’s only been 30 seconds since the engine and gearbox refresh?
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  12. Its too expensive

    (whatever its listed at ;) )

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  13. Does it have crash bungs? :eek:
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  14. If you buy @Ash34 1098r do you get a free 996sps? :p
  15. I’ll do a special deal for you Al. Buy the 1098 for £50k and I’ll throw in the 996. This is a limited time offer and not available in the shops.
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  16. I like you're thinking...but not the offer put on the table :thinkingface::scream:

  17. Where's the bins?
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  18. Don’t I know you? Do you know me?

    Your name seems familiar...
  19. Depends who you are and who you think I am , do you think I owe you money? Are you a policeman?
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  20. If he owes you money, he doesn't live here anymore and currently resides in Syria
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