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1100 Induction Kit?

Discussion in 'Hypermotard' started by Jon916, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. I have been looking into things I "need" for my 1100s which is already fitted with decat pipe, 2-1-2 under seat termignoni exhausts and matching ECU all fitted by previous owner.
    I am thinking induction kit and a remap. Which induction kits would you recommend ? I read about Wasp kits, are these still available or would I be better off with some less expensive filter/bell mouth set up, followed by a remap?
  2. Ive got a set of cycleworks air filters if you want them...theyre the filters that go with the extended tank (as you have to rip the airbox out). 40 quid to you guv...
  3. Thanks for the offer, but I am after something a little larger and with velocity stacks. I have been looking at Ducshop Hyperstacks and TPO beast kits. Has anyone experience of either of these and know if they are still available?
  4. Well I bit the bullet and ordered a Corse Dynamics induction kit from MotoWheels in the States.
    Next I "need" an exhaust mid pipe to get rid of the exhaust valve, has anyone fitted the Spark mid pipe? Does it fit ok?
  5. Had Ducshop stacks/massive K&Ns on mine prior to fitting a Cycleworks big tank. The K&Ns that came with the stacks were way bigger than those supplied with the big tank. Stacks were beautifully made, easy to fit & worked well with the bike which had same set up as OP (underseat Termis/uprated ECU, Zard downpipe). I don't think Ducshop stock them any more but could be worth an email. I will probably take the bigger tank off at some point as I no longer use the bike for long trips (and miss the induction noise from those stacks!) I also fancy going to single silencer so am on the hunt for a titanium SC Project slip on if anyboady has one laying about the place...
  6. The Corse Dynamics velocity stacks are nicely made and filters huge, but my gosh aren't personal imports expensive!! IMG_4560.JPG
    They sound lovely and made a smooth 95BHP when remapped by CJS IMG_4703.JPG
    I was tempted by the large tank option but that induction roar is pretty addictive
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  7. That afr looks lean... has it gone bang yet....
  8. That picture was taken off the screen before Chris sorted it all out! I can't find the print out of the final settings
  9. I think the Ducshop kit is very similar to Corse Dynamics, though the stacks may be a tad longer and the filters slightly shorter (and no bracket for the coil?). Can't remember how much they were - this was a decade ago and I had them sent over by a friend - but not cheap. No remap, did some Dyno time at SPR in Notts where we tried all three of available Ducati ECUs (the standard one and the two DP ones). The DP ECU meant for single sided exhaust was a good match, horsepower peaking around 93bhp and a nice fat torque curve IIRC. Since uprated with a PCV plus Autotune which should help when (if) I go to single silencer
  10. I have installed the MWR Full filter and the Ecu with Hypertrick map from IBC in Arboga in Sweden. This setup works absolutely amazing and I can highly recommend it. I used the Ecu which came with the Termignoni exhaust system for the Hypertrick map. Bought me a used air filter box which is then split in the middle to be able to mount the MWR filter. What a sound it is from the intake now. I have also mounted SC Project 2-2 race exhaust systems on mine. I love that bike


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