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  1. Here's my review of the 1198 base model I owned for nearly 3 years....

    I've read comments on here that the 1198 is the last of the analogue dukes, that's a fair summary.

    I had mine from new having traded in a vtr sp2 for it. I ran it standard without any mods as it pretty much did what it said on the tin from the off.

    The looks are sublime, I've yet to see a sports bike that matches the 1198 in looks. It were mechanical art from any angle.

    Riding was a whole different ball game. I've run many a sports bike but this bike truly was a "racer on the road"....

    Below 100mph no gear seemed suitable, the suspension was harsh, the riding poisition was crippling and the transmission snatchy (especially in town).... But when this bike wakes up, it is a truly awesome experience. Grab it by the scruff of the neck and ride it like you stole it and it rewards you with handling, power, feedback and pure adrenaline like no other.

    The motor was the real surprise for me (I'd had vtr sp2 & rsv v twins before), the 1198 motor didn't run out of steam, a shocking amount of useable revs and power had me giggling like a schoolboy.

    I had no issues with reliability but religiously kept to the service schedule but obviously, a bike like this goes through tyres like they're going out of fashion. You've got to accept that if you're going to run a full on sports bike, I did.

    Alas, the kind of behaviour that an 1198 brought out in me could and should not carry on too long. I traded in for a monster 1100 to get back to some kind of sanity at stay out of jail speeds and not necessitate going out before 6am every week to try and use the 1198.

    I'm not trying say I got anywhere near the limits of this bike but whilst I rode and owned one, it were truly one of the best biking experiences I've had. It went as fast as it looked and I'm pleased i owned & rode one.

    Whilst I don't miss it, I look back fondly with slightly curling toes.... Buy one, try one, you'll not regret it.

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  2. Mines bonkers!!
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  3. 20180422_112403.jpg
    Definitely agree they are bonkers bikes.
    Puts a big smile on my face every time I ride it
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  4. Ooooh, picture opportunity o_O

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  5. C'mon Stu, stay on topic :punch:

    Even three 1098's don't make an 1198 :joy:
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  6. Erm, no they make 3 x 1198's :thinkingface: silly billy :)
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  7. Only if the R’s are copies....
  8. A nice trio, I have to admit. :thinkingface: Still got the incorrect model numbers on them though... So still not acceptable or relevant in any way :p
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  9. Dude, they are 1198's as well you know :yum
  10. and you :yum
  11. And Elvis lives on the moon with Michael Jackson :upyeah:
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  12. The joys of replica' s, we all love a fake :p
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  13. Leave Michael alone :sob:, he might have been plastic but he wasn't fake :mad:
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  14. Bloody chancer's trying to jump on the band wagon eh! :eyes:

    Everyone knows to own an 1198 you have to be made of the proper stuff and have balls of steel! A select club that many try and chance their arm's to be part of... On this occasion, I'm having none of it though. 1098's with a fancy paint job just don't cut it :joy:
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  15. Given the number of 1198cc, 1098R owners on this forum, you are chancing you arm a bit :cool: Andy
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  16. Get him Andy :mad:
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  17. No they don't, silly billy. :)

    They are all 1198.4cc, but the official model designation of all 3 is 1098. It's written on the side of each one of them, have a look. :eyes: so you have 3 x 1098's

    A Ducati 999 & 999S are both 998cc, but you don't call them 998's, silly billy. :grinning: Only the 999R is actually 999cc, but all the bikes are 999's. :yum

    Clear? :)
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