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1198 1198 Sp Gearbox Problem

Discussion in '848 / 1098 / 1198' started by johnf, May 19, 2014.

  1. Yesterday went out on bike and first time i tried to engage 4th gear it false neutraled. this happened three times in a row. When i got it into 4th by downshifting after about 20secs it slipped out of gear. tried this several times also with QS switched off but no change. Any body got any ideas. Thanks.
  2. it's not something you're going to be able to fix yourself... so best to send to the garage (MR/JHP), let them diagnose by opening up the gearbox (engine drop), have a strong whiskey, and sit down for the bill :)
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  3. Yes Riders of Cardiff reckon £500 at best. Can,t see it for one month due to being busy. Lougi motor of Bristol reckon £500 to £5000 worse case.
  4. My 1198sp has got a gearbox problem as well, mine tries to jumps out of 3rd gear to the point of being dangerous. I've tried it with the QS switched off and with a solid shift rod as well as race pattern shift, same result regardless.
    Its now booked in at Pro-Twins for a complete strip down & rebuild, i've been warned that it won't be cheap !.
    This was my dream bike but I now wish i had never bought it, i can only stick with it and hope all is well after the rebuild.
    Good Luck,
  5. Oh dear. Anyone want to buy my 1198 SP ?
  6. Erm..sorry fellas you're not alone with gearbox issues on SPs
  7. Have you had the gear selector mechanism adjusted?
  8. Yes, that was the first thing I did whilst I was trying to convince myself it was a simple fix, but reality is if all other gears engage ok except the one you have are having problems with its not likely to be the selector claw.
    3rd and 4th gears use a common pinion so maybe ducati bought a bad batch made of chocolate ? I guess all sp's were build within a fairly short period.
  9. Duc's fitted with quick shifters have always munched gearboxes for road use just leave it switched off, way to cure it is set up the QS prior to every ride just like a race bike
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  10. So how do you set one up ?
  11. The OEM QS is pants. I turn mine off as Ive had a couple of crunches myself. Dont need it on the road.
  12. Swap for my 999s.. :upyeah:
  13. In my experience to use a QS on a Ducati the gearbox has to be properly shimmed the shift mechanism needs to be spot on and needs checking / adjusting after every meeting, the QS kill time needs to be adjusted to suit the rider(not always possible with OEM) if all is not in alignment you will take chunks out of the gear dogs resulting in a gearbox replacement, QS is designed to be used at WOT so using on the street will never be spot on
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  14. I'm with Kato. I really can't see the point unless you're looking for that last half a second a lap. On the road, a qs makes no sense IMHO.

    I could be wrong.
  15. QS do make sense, Nothing better than just banging through the gears with the throttle pinned
  16. QS make loads of sense when they work properly, the Ducati one is not fit for purpose and should be binned at the earliest oppurtunity.
    Sadly its to late for my bike, once its chewed its chewed and replacement is the only option.
    Then once repaired never never ever fit that piece of sh1t QS again.
  17. OMG ! My sp was dropping out of third gear last year right before I put it away , only rode it once this year and it didn't do it but I use the clutch instead of QS but it was a short ride ! Only 4500 kms on bike too ! Maybe this should be a recall if everyone sp is doing it ! God knows I don't want to spend big bucks on gear box when I have not even been thru first set of tires , I am going to shut QS off until I learn more about this issue .
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  18. How do you shut it off ? Is it an option through the dash ?
  19. 500 to 5000 what do you get for 5000 that's a bloody joke.
  20. I don't think the standard gearboxes are robust enough to handle a quickshifter. I f*cked mine in the 1098R after about 8000 miles by doing clutchless changes, the warranty claim was just under £6k.

    This is what you need....For Sale - Ducati Corse Gearbox for 1*98 | Ducati Forum
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