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1198 1198 Sp Termignoni Slip-on Fitment

Discussion in '848 / 1098 / 1198' started by Damon Sargent, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. New member saying hello, thanks for having me !

    I have an 1198 SP, 2011 61 Reg, 6000 miles and totally stock, standard and original with the standard exhausts

    I intend to fit Termignoni slip ons and have the Ducati Performance Race ECU part number 96520311b which has the DTC and DQS capability, and also an MWR 2 piece high flow pod filter

    My questions are I am sure very simple to answer for many on this forum.

    Firstly, does the 96520311b ecu run with the lambda sensors i.e do i just leave them in place, or do they need unplugging. If they are to be unplugged can they just be left in situ given that the original pipes and ecu will nver go back on the bike, or should they be removed and blanked off

    Secondly, when all work is complete, it it necessary to reset TPS and CO levels

    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi Damon
    I had a 1198SP configuration file loaded to my 1198S so I could use the quick shifter from the SP.
    Mark at BSD was able to disable the emission sensors with the tuning map he loaded.
    BSD do stainless plugs should you wish to remove the lambda sensors from the exhaust.
  3. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for this. I'm happy to run the lambdas if the Race ECU uses them, which it appears it does now. It was more a question of whether they are redundant, but it's not the case, so i'll leave them in place. I've established TPS must be reset so clear on what i'm doing now !
  4. Hi I have some termignoni slip on pipes with link pipes for sale mint condition if you like only done 2700 miles
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