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1198r Panigale?????

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by Boukekoppejan, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. Hi Guys,

    three weeks ago decided now I have the last opportunity to do something totally out of the box to swap the old 848 electronics for a panigale 1199 electronics with all the standard benefits like DTC, oem Ducati quickshifter, ride by wire system, ABS, nice panigale display etc. And also decided to paint the frame in red instead of grey.

    Yesterday started with dismount the complete bike to make it ready for a paint job and the engine ready for the new electronics.

    I hope I can post in the couple of weeks some more updates.


    EEE7C746-8E33-4DDC-98ED-9094E33DEF6F.jpeg 29D91365-109F-4F60-A6CB-15D828FB9EFD.jpeg
    B622A985-65F6-4E48-884B-7C6C435B5395.jpeg B462D080-0D0F-4D9B-BAFB-BE862BC82AF3.jpeg 1E291311-AD37-4DCB-9C02-3FEC9FC53F4B.jpeg
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  2. That a desmocidici I see in the back ground??
  3. I thought you had only just had that engine done...
  4. Who’s Helping you biggleaar
  5. yeah that is correct, it is not my workshop;):D
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  6. everything is done haha
  7. yes offcourse who else haha;)
  8. I'll stick to just washing my bikes, that's nuts, good luck
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  9. Wouldn't a 1299 set up give better features?
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  10. This is one of those things when someone says ‘why?!’ And to which the right answer is ‘because I can!’

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  11. Are you finished yet? :bucktooth:
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  12. Ssssllllooooowwwww o_O
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  13. Yeah I have asked that to but that was not possible in combination with the engine
  14. no just started, in March it will be ready
  16. very interested to see how this develops as i saw also that they modified a 996 with the same set-up
  17. This is cool
  18. Also decided to paint the grey chassis in nice red:heart_eyes:

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  19. Just a litle update about swapp;)

    The chassis painted in beautiful red and the started to rebuild the bike, it already looks very nice!

    D20B3B46-F264-4949-A528-9B4B139C2E62.jpeg 40AF64D9-D767-4A04-B195-FF502DFB7E13.jpeg
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