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1198 1198s V 1098

Discussion in '848 / 1098 / 1198' started by pauly, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. I might have asked this before but anyway, what I really fancy is an 1198S. Local dealer has exactly what I'm looking for mileage, money and condition wise , except it's an 07 base 1098. So is the 1198S a big step up in performance and reliability, and worth waiting for the right one to turn up?
  2. yep
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  3. Indeed :blush: patience :eyes:
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  4. I know, I know, but I keep looking at this 1098. 3k miles, 1 owner, new tank, new belts, warranty, and it looks brand new. How much should I expect to pay for a comparable 1198S this winter?
  5. How much is it?
  6. £7.5k. I was going to wait until it's snowing and offer £7k. Trouble is the warranty would run out before I got to use it.
  7. That was just the cheapest on Bike Trader when I Googled - but seems a good one, and worth 2K extra to the 1098 he mentioned all day long...
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  8. Call me shallow, but it's got to be red. I've ridden black bikes for the last 13 years. 1 month warranty seems a bit stingy too.
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  9. Quite right! Or at a push yellow (actually the 1x98 looks quite good in yellow...).
  10. Shallow fashion victim of 1980's marketing :eek:
  11. Ha, it's lasted over 30 years so there must be something in it. 1198 and 1199 prices are similar, is the newer bike as good, better or just different?
  12. They go down in value, then bottom out, they go up - at some point the values cross. A good example at the moment is the MV 750 F4S - asking prices are higher than the first 1000 F3's now.
    The base and S models do seem particularly high at the moment - but sensibly priced ones do come up.
    Also some Pani owners have reverted back for the harsher experience I guess :thinkingface:
  13. I'm toying with the idea of upgrading my 1098. Money at the moment isn't really too much of an issue. I could just buy another bike (I use an r1200r for dog rough winter commuting) but then I'd have three bikes, and even having two is a ballache, two lots of mot, two lots of tax and insurance to remember two lots of servicing etc.
    I'm not sure. I love the 1098 because Ira well quick enough for me, it's red and shiny, and it makes a noise like the hounds of hell. Im the fifth owner, but it has a fsh, and had had the belts done. Its done 12k but is pristine, and I only use it an odd time anyway. I don't know if it'll hold its value. I prefer the pipes on a 1098, the way they come out under the saddle. I keep getting tempted by bikes on here. Which model from 1098 onwards to v4 panigale is the most reliable?
  14. Some think that the 1x98 series are the last "real" Ducatis (trellis frame, under seat exhausts, no - few - nanny aids, traction control on some models, that's it). You're right though, (asking) prices of 1198 and 1199 are pretty similar at the moment, and there are even 1299s in the same ballpark. I've never ridden a Panigale so can't comment on their relative merits or otherwise. Probably just different.
  15. This is why I'm not buying a new GSXRR or S1000RR. I want something that feels quick on the road and pulls strongly from around 3k, rather than mental power from 8k.
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  16. When I bought my 1098s in Sept 2008 the 1198s came out 4 months later, I wish I had known that it was coming because I would have really like to have the traction control that the 1198s came with. By the way I'm a new member here , nice to meet everyone.
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  17. My old tuned 08 r1 make mental power from lower down the rev range with no riders aids. :D
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