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1198sp V 1098r

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by pauly, Feb 21, 2021.

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  1. Ridiculous money imho for both. Its an 1198s thats all. Nothing special.
  2. Don't disagree, but the alloy tank and TTX shock are worth having though. I'd rather they didn't have the quick shifter, more chance of the gearbox being goosed?
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  3. Your money matey, spend it one what you like :upyeah::)
  4. :upyeah: Bearing in mind Ethanol content in fuel is increasing, what's the chances plastic tanks are going to be more of a problem. If you can find a decent 2nd hand alloy tank it's probably £1500. Add that to the price of a decent 1198S and a bike with the Ducati alloy tank starts to make sense.
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  5. True. My monster’s has expanded quite a lot
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  6. matron.gif
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  7. I replaced my OEM QS for an SP electronics version - night and day of a difference. I only ever use it at higher rpm (above 4-5k) and never ever at slow speed, basically 3rd gear and up. I've had zero issues with my gearbox in 3500kms of track and street riding.

    For the price difference between an R and an SP, £10k(ish), you could have a very well sorted bike that would be mind blowing on track and fun on the road. But, it would never be an R if that's what floats your boat.

    The R will always be a special bike and won't depreciate as much, but the SP will always be a special bike. Now, if you want a unicorn, find an 1198R ;-)
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  8. SP would suit me just fine, buy on condition etc. I'd buy an R if it was the right money though. Whatever I buy, I expect to put 2-3k miles a year on it.
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  9. I wish you'd buy something.... Anything!!

    Jeeeeeezus...... : unamused:
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  10. I'm waiting for your old banger on ebay...
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  11. No need to wait. Call the man and do a deal. Simples. If you're serious that is......
  12. I mentioned a figure to him weeks ago, it wasn't quite enough, time will tell who wants it the most. In the meantime I couldn't really care less about your timewaster digs on various threads...
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  13. Who bought DV's bike then?? Anyone on here?? @pauly I see it did 16,650. Good bike, good price. Everyone's a winner!! :D
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  14. Not me, DV told me he wanted £18k, I'd have gone to £16k. I guess you could say we both lost in that respect. Wonder if a dealer bought it?
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  15. Can’t imagine why they would, even Sheffield only have them up for 20k now and can’t shift them.
  16. A dealer could put it up for just under £18k with no prep, and clear over £1k. Then there's finance and P/ex to consider.
  17. Not worth the hassle. They would have warranty costs and risks plus a grand isn’t high enough profit by a long shot. If they have someone lined up maybe £1500 otherwise the stocking cost and risk of getting caught with a bike of that value would be quite restrictive. IMO.
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