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1199 Full Termi System With Carbon Heat Shield & Upmap

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by farmster, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. Hi folks thinking of putting my 1199
    Back to standard.......
    How do you value a full system???
    I’ve looked on EBay can’t see any for sale ??
  2. Titanium full system sold for £822 I think it was recently on eBay
  3. The one on eBay went round twice - the first time it got (presumably!) no interest at a buy it now of £999 I think it was.
    I suppose the auction was a fair representation of what people are prepared to pay..
  4. It was eBay item 333288951567 and 333322097804 incidentally.
  5. I saw it.
    It was rough dented & no up map
  6. This is true, it wasn’t immaculate, agreed! Just for the simpletons (namely me!) how does an upmap get applied / downloaded to the bike? Equally how does a standard map get reapplied when / if the standard system is refitted? I’m curious...
  7. It’s just a key. My understanding is the maps are on the ECUs already and the Upmap enables it. Not 100% sure if this is correct but either way it’s just a case of plugging the key into the service port under the seat.
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