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1199R trackbike project.

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by kope999R, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Just to announce the start of a 1199R trackbike project starting in March!
    i will post regularly on its advancement.

    View attachment 10314

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  2. well, here we go...

    as she will get a carbon race suit, she will need a paintjob., no won't she?

    as i stil beleive that modern Ducati history started with the 851 - over the 998R to the Pani today, and that the R should aways mean the racing rep version , i would like to use the 89/90 Raymond Roche rep as a base for the styling..

    it must then look something like : View attachment 10409

    i m not won on the standard tank alu style and must therefore find a solution with it.
    who knows, maybe a carbon tank.. if possible from a RS tank as they seem to enlarge the airbox..

    hope you like the first steps.. :)


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  3. some refinements

    the RR stands for Raymond Roche
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  4. Well, there is also the real open Termi, the DDA, the GPS, .

    but you're absolutely right... there is no sensible explanation why to go R over standard and mods...
    Problem with Ducati is that it has nothing to do about sensible, remember... t
    his is my last 'active' project... i'm 53 and i ve decided to give me 3 more track years... and i want to do it on a bike that makes me tick anytime i see it or think about it... the grin factor as they call it...

    Call it a midlife crisis. For those who yield to the temptation of younger flesh, no use going for the decent sensible girl either is there? :)
    with most of those who have, there is no contradiction of having money and having sense... most of them who earned it themselves have had to have loads of sense, or they woudln't have gotten were they did.. :)

    i ve got some experience with mods... starting of from the best base possible does make sense... one tends to forget that eventually all mods mustbe installed and logistically coordinated ( buying parts, buying wrong parts, getting the bike to the shop and back , then 1 part is the wrong one and has to be installed another time... trackdays are paid for and the bike isn't ready... been there seen it done it... :) )

    so that's why, i am at piece with the choice
    Now just you enjoy the project... :)
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  5. Point taken , good luck with the build , I'll look forward to reading about the R .
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  6. View attachment 10532

    V 1.0
    found the fonts and better decals... adjusted the black part of the lower fairing ... we're onto something nice i feel... :)

    more conforming to 851 RR rep
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  7. the build has begun:

    these will come with the bike :
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  8. Ok,

    today was a big day in the project. It was decided that the suspension and wheels will be changed drastically.

    the option chosen is a widetrack Ohlins gas fork will be put on mag wheels
    so a set of new FGR200 forks were picked up with a set of OZ racing wheels.
    the size will be 16,5 inch to accomodate pirrelli slicks

    were now on the look out for a 52/58 triples T to hold them.. it looks like Roby moto has a set.

    next step is to decide on the brake...

    in the mean time some smaller kit to go with it was also acquired

    choosing for sligthly higher clip ons and a race airfilter
    an electronic pair of tire warmers was added as well..

    this is going to be some bike.. :)

    Steve is working away on the design and he's doing some great work ! i'm looking forward to post the results...


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  9. race filter and clip ons

    another racebuble was also added as i want to keep all R pieces untouched and the design will require some painting...
  10. if i am to believe the seller who holds great repute, the stuff is coming from the 2012 altea campaign..
  11. Going to be an awesome tool
  12. Im looking forward to this.

    (Put any Rizoma shite on and I will be forced to defriend you) :biggrin:
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  13. not 1 piece of rizoma bling bling shasl ever disgrace any bike of mine! :biggrin:
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  14. Still doing a Matthew Kelly tho....going for gold ;-)
  15. Kope999R,

    Aside from the fact I am still struggling with setup on mine, the other things I was/am going to add to mine are:

    RCS 18/20 master cylinders with remote adjuster on left hand bar - calipers are hard to upgrade really but I like the billet GP Brembos if you are determined to end up broke!
    I have the same DP rearsets too - they are nice
    You will need a taller screen than stock unless R comes with one already. Likewise the seat - the DP race seat is nice but lifts you up too high so you can cut it down by about an inch with a dremel quite easily to end up with a grippy seat that doesn't change the ride position too much and allows you to lock in nicely.
    Ditch the rear shock and get a standard TTX sprung and setup for you - or convert the one you have.
    Nemsis TC unit and pit-lane limiter! These are really yummy.....
    And, if you really want to go nuts - I know a chap who has done the full WSS race loom on his. Now that looked like a fantastic bit of kit. Don't ask the price.

    Those forks are lovely BTW. Very nice.

    Nice project. And I agree with you on the rational economic logic above! You only get one run through life - it has to be a balance of sensible and irrational enjoyment or we might as well all pack up!

    Best of luck with it.
  16. Hi bungle, tx for the info
    i already got the OZ 16,5 's so we'll see... i can always add another pair and keep these for rain tires.. :)
    we've got a top Ohlins guy in the crew ( even publisized a couple of books on the iisue) and of course, im the crazy driver... :)

    we'll be a couple of pals going down te same development road so we're looking at the diff loom and ecu..
    so : can you elaborate on the Supersport kit?


  17. this will be a great bike,and for sure with that classic paint design.
    do you have the bike all ready or are you just collect the parts for it now?

  18. Dag Henk!

    I 'm preparing all parts to be available when it arrives in march/april.. can't wait
    i hope we meet some day as i'm really really wanting to see your bike..
    it has to be one of the most interesting and secretive projects arround! :)
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