1199R trackbike project.

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  1. Keep up the good work sir! Very impressive. It must be nice to have the time to indulge in the setup, prep and riding that most of us only wish we had.... make the most of it..... you sound like you are having a fantastic adventure with this.

    You only live once.....
  2. thanks cham!... i m fully aware of how fortunate i am... great bike, great tracks and even better company where we go... :)
  3. When are you at Brands, Koen?
  4. Wednesday :) nuttynick said he might pop in to say hello too .. The more the merrier :)
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  5. Will miss you this time. Will be going dizzy around Valencia.

    Will have to send ducati dad as my envoy!
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  6. Valencia is top ! Enjoy .. Will hug dad for ya :)
  7. Another great write up.... am very glad to see you've progressed in the way you'd hoped. Good job.

    Much envy given that currently I am bikeless, let alone involved in a project like this.

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  8. Eau Rouge looks like an amazing bit of tarmac to ride
  9. spa 4 2014 radillon.jpg :Depressed:

    it s the way down thats the scary bit... 2/3/4/5/6... the 2:30 crowd hit rev limiter in 6 ... its not known much but 10 yards before going up is as fast as anywhere else on that track..

    On top it looks all benign. the you rush down and that hill rolls higher and higher and higher... is a big uphill cork-screw at high speed... and hard to take constantly fast..
    the end of that righthand cub is where you try to tip the bike over...

    top pic should/could be 230kph...

    spa 4 2014 radillon 2.jpg

    thanks to Toon for the pics ! :)
  10. just checked the AIM and the lean is 47.4 ° ...
  11. Having read your comments Kope, it appears that your questions are being answered. Keep up the good work. :)
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  12. learning to trust the good people is the trick... :)
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  13. pics got in from SPA :) spa 4 2014 1S.jpg

    spa 4 2014 2S.jpg

    spa 4 2014 3S.jpg

    spa 4 2014 4S.jpg

    spa 4 2014 5S.jpg

    spa 4 2014 6S.jpg

    spa 4 2014 7S.jpg

    spa 4 2014 paddock 1.jpg

    spa 4 2014 source 2.jpg

    spa 4 2014 source.jpg
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  14. Flip man - that bikes engine spins up - it's ridiculous its sooooo foooookin fast! Wow. nice riding too pal!
  15. yours will spin even faster.. 2 ring and much lighter crank... all the way up to 12,5 k... hold on to you braces.. :)
  16. Bike arrives 14th and dealership doing a "reveal" party on the 16th for the Desmo owners club - albeit, no-one will know it's mine - good to be in the back ground - there are too many flashy pants out here!
  17. flashy drapes you mean... lol! Bro , you're in for a big surprise riding that one.. :) when is it shipping to UK?
  18. Awesome awesome awesome.
  19. Prepping for Silverstone and Brands
    mama, what a ride.. :)
  20. still waiting for final details so I can then plan all the logistics! Shame u don't run a air freight business!