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1199 1199s Buying A ‘cat In A Bag’

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by Nathanhu, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. so.... the 996s I broke over a year ago, and repaired ( gearbox output bearing let go..) sold quicker than I thought and I tripped over a 1199s for sale my 996 +300 euros.. win win..

    But there was a catch, engine issues..! So bought as a non runner..

    So in all honesty, I love a challenge ;) and I have factored in a engine swap into the price I paid and it’s still 5k under market value ( second hand engine circa 3k ish).
    So before I just drop a few thousand on a motor, I would like to see what is wrong with this one..
    Any tips on what I should do to have a gereral look, I’m thinking rings, valves, con rod or main bearings..

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  2. The only way to know is to open it up.
    Does it turn over??
  3. Looks like this sealant was applied without removing the fairing...!

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  4. not tried as of yet.....
    i'm waiting until later when i'm 6 beers into a crate and summon the courage ...

    was looking at the high oil level and maybe thinking that it has just pushed oil in the airbox..! (#wishfullthinking)
  5. I'd try and turn by hand, see if it moves, drain oil, fill oil again, try and start and see what happens then...
  6. Judging by the neat sealant job Im going to guess the last owner was limited in mechanical skill, tried a bodge on what could have been and easy fix. When it comes to it it could be something and nothing.
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  7. Could be roadside thing, oil leak so just covered it to get somewhere.
  8. Sealant won't stick to oil
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  9. Looks like he might have been good at decorating cakes though....
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  10. Looks like the 2 piece cover has been off and not put back on properly or lack of sealant and has leaked hence gumming it up with some more over the top.
  11. Good luck....its a bit like buying a lottery ticket.
  12. Looks pretty clean though everywhere else. Rear tyre shows a track day. I think thats a risk worth taking if you have the means and patience. Interesting project, I look forward to the rebuild thread.
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  13. so a quick look over and the engine turns over and starts, but doesnt sound great.
    next ill drop the oil and check for small parts, signs of bearings etc...

    also lots of 'handy work' on the loom, so ill look at replacing that to cover any electrical issues that might( 100% will ) pop up when i have the motor in a running state..

    the parts list has started to be assembled..
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  14. Makes you wonder why anyone would mess with the loom?
  15. I’m guessing one of two things,
    Fault dignosis and or trying to bridge the engine fan as ‘always on’
    A little digging I pulled out this relay....!

  16. So a quick dig around found the left hand side casing plug loose, I’m guessing this is for inserting a tool to lock the crank?

  17. The only thing I can think of that might result in that kind of casing damage is if it has broken a con rod. And they do. But very occasionally, when used on track (racing). That happened to me and the rod punched a small hole in the casing near the starter motor. Get an R engine if you can to replace if needed. I did. Mega!
  18. Let me know if you are looking for an R engine as we have one here from Sams crash still. Near brand new bike so very low mileage.
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  19. Go on then, let me know the numbers so I can see if a kidney is up for sale yet.... (pm is fine)
  20. so.. while still away with work my head is going into planning for what i need to do to get the engine out of the bike i needed..

    i have a Biketower std from a buddy of mine to strip down the but the last part of the tear down will need a engine block stand.

    anyone made/bought something similar to what im after? as the sump is very low and will be a headache i think
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