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1200r Battery... Dead....

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Monsterped, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Evening all

    While queuing to get in to Nick Masons open day to dribble at his bonkers car collection my 12R decides not to restart after turning it off in the queue as it was boiling me alive. Showing all the signs of a failed battery which is the second oem since new, both let go after 14-15 months.

    So, recommendations please for something better


  2. Yuasa? They seem to be as good as it gets. Also they may have a 2 year warranty? Different for different batteries apparently. Check that out first...
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  3. What is the standard battery?
  4. Now's the time to get a the latest generation of lighter Lithium batteries. 6 lbs weight savings.
    My dealer agreed to change the boxed unused Yuasa lead acid battery for an AntiGravity Lithium Ion with re-start technology prior to PDI and delivery of my new Ducati Multistrada. Just paid the difference in price.
    The re-start feature prevents the battery from draining beyond the low voltage threshold. Consequently, it will go into sleep mode while holding a charge to start the bike when awaken.
    The battery weighs only 3 lbs (vs 9 lbs for the OEM Yuasa) and this big boy has 480 CCA (vs OEM 210 CCA). Ok, 6 lbs savings is not that much but heck, it's still significant. I'll be off to the nearest pub soon to replenish that extra weigh capacity.
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  5. I plug my bikes battery into charge once every 2-3weeks for 7-8hours. Even though its used at least four times per week. A battery really should last two/three years minimum if maintained well.
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  6. What’s anti-gravity about it?
  7. Sounds great but fookin’ hell, just seen the price!
  8. Lead-acid batteries cost less up front, but they have a shorter lifespan and require regular maintenance to keep them running properly. Lithium batteries are much more expensive up front, but they are maintenance-free and have a longer lifespan to match their higher price tag. Lithium Ion are much lighter. They also come standard in the higher priced Ducati's such as the Panigale V4 and 959 Corse.

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  9. That is definitely NOT true....
    As many will find over the coming years.
    A well maintained Yuasa will last 5 years or longer, may be 10.
    Lets see how well these Lithiums last and perhaps, the older bikes (not designed for that technology, which has completely different charge characteristics)?
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  10. I think the rule of thumb for a lead acid is 6 years, some are unlucky if a cell goes and some are lucky - I did have my last one for 10 years with trickle charge (not Yuasa either). Lead acid are generally maintenance free when used regularly, as Lithium, but both need the charge maintained if not used (lithium will last longer without charging).
    Lots of debate around safety of Lithium so if you're going to buy one it should be expensive.
    Battery technology is evolving - watch this space.....
  11. Not in my experience.
    I have two 2007 Sea-Doos with Yuasa's where they're on tenders for the winter and they last about 3~4 years on average.
    My Panigale's Yuasa was dead after 2 years.
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  12. Please forgive my ignorance, as I'd never fit over a panigale... aren't they Lithium equipped from the factory?
  13. I have a 10 year old normal battery on my R1 and 2 Lithium Batteries that have had little use and are goosed :bucktooth:
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  14. That's only when used on older non compatible Ducati's - the remaining ash is anti gravity as it blows away in the wind :blush:
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  15. My 1199R is and the part numbers for all associated bits are tha same on the other models so I am told - the Lithium Battery is available as an option from Ducati.
    When I asked Ducati Technical Sevice they said do not fit Lithium if the bike didn't come with it though :thinkingface: all you need for piece of mind is to buy from a main Ducati Dealer and a letter confirming the fitment is acceptable, simples (or maybe not) :eyes:
  16. That's awful. What brand were your Lithium's and when did you buy them?
  17. Yes, for the higher end models. Not the 959 Panigale.
    No disrespect. I know some highly ignorant people that can still fit on a Panigale. :innocent:
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