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1260 1200s Vs 1260s

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by benjit, Sep 28, 2021.

  1. 1200

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  2. 1260

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  1. Thats the helmet I looked for but could I find one.....nope
  2. Would you, by any chance, own a 950?
  3. A bit late to the party here. I currently ride a 2017 1200 Enduro, which I've done almost 20,000 miles on in 2.5 years. I previously had a 2016 Monster 1200S, and before that a 2013 Multi 1200S. I've also done quite a few miles on a Diavel. So I'm well familiar with the DVT and the previous iteration engines.

    Having test-ridden a 1260S I found it to feel like an intercontinental ballistic missile that you could charge across Europe on without breaking sweat. It felt highly polished and extremely refined. My only issue with that was it felt like some of the engine character had been removed as a result. In that sense I still prefer my old 2013 Multistrada because although slightly less powerful it was a more engaging engine. If I could live with losing the lovely colour dash I'd probably be happy to go back to a pre-DVT Pikes Peak (except I wouldn't because I love my 30 litre tank on the Enduro!).
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  4. Got to be honest, no I don’t but I am considering a 950s
  5. I couldn't find one either so brought one from good old the US of A
  6. As I said, I am considering a 950S but…… I have just seen a non-S 1260 with touring kit on it at almost £1000 less than the ex-demo 950S so that has really screwed my brain up! Any and all suggestions, hints and tips will be welcomed!
  7. Ride both and see what you prefer. Bear in mind a non-S means no fancy electronic suspension to go wrong (not that mine has in almost 20,000 miles). Many people rate the 950 as a better bike.
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  8. Thanks, I only ride solo nowadays and do a couple of European tours each year so although I would like the convenience of Skyhook, it’s not a deal breaker for me. It has been surprisingly difficult to get test rides in my neck of the woods, ie South Wales.
  9. I know someone with a 950S and he loves it. Personally, I rode one and the 1260 back to back, and preferred the grunt of the 1260, coming from several GS's and a couple of KTM 1290's.
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  10. I must admit I’ve been thoroughly spoiled by a succession of 1200s!
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  11. Could I ask which 1290 you had and how did the bike compare to the 1260 multi, particularly the engine
    I ask as I'm seriously considering swapping my 1260 for the new gen3 SD GT
  12. I recently tried a 1290 Super Adventure. The engine was fun, especially with the quick shifter. It didn’t feel overly fast to me, and I wasn’t hugely overwhelmed by the overall look and feel of the bike - I guess it just didn’t feel all that special (I felt the same about the V4S). If it wasn’t for a bit of a suspect reputation for flaky electronics they’d probably make a great secondhand purchase.
  13. I owned a couple of Super Adventures. Great bikes, but they just didn’t grab me. Performance was good, but they were unstable at speed. They were very top heavy compared to the multi. The looks are very subjective; I used to keep telling myself they looked great, but wasn't convinced! Build quality was good, but not as good as Ducati, they felt very plasticky. I wouldn’t go back.
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  14. The 2021 model is very different to before. The fuel load has been redistributed and lowered, the frame and seat is lower, the C of G is much lower. The bike in now far easier to move around and the visual bulk is an illusion, it is much easier to handle than before.
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  15. Personally I'd go for the older 1200S over the 950, okay you don't have quite the same level of electronics, but the weight is about the same and the engine is more powerful. Coming from that direction the 950/V2 seem a step downwards.

    PP's seem to be selling for a couple K more than 1200S, so I might buy the S (to get all the touring accessories) and if it matters pick up the wheels and sticker kit with the spare cash later. A little money on a custom tune can improve the fueling.
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  16. I tested the KTM, the Triumph and the BMW before I tried the DVT.
    No competition in my book.
  17. Was it a 2021 KTMSA model you tried, it’s very different to earlier models,
  18. It was the current model in 2017, no idea which one,
  19. 2021 totally different ball game
  20. Do you own one of these? Have you ridden one?
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