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1260s Improvement...

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by 1299SJG, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. Fitted the last item to make the bike to my taste..
    Now has lower more forward bars, rearsets, "comfort" seat (+40mm), tail tidy and Termi exhaust

    Makes the bike much more suited to a taller rider, doesn't grind the foot pegs, sounds great!

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  2. Hi, you say the rear sets make it more suited to the taller rider, I would have thought that it would do the opposite, I’m asking as I’m thinking of trading my DVT for Diavel, I have been looking at the X model purely for forward controls, I just assumed these would make it more comfortable, what do you think ?
    Any advice ?
  3. This reason is why I got an Xdiavel, and it was a good decision. The forward controls - at least for me - make life significantly comfier. While it took a few hundred miles to get used to the feet forward position, now I wouldn't go back.

    Also, I like the Xdiavel's belt drive because it's less hassle than a chain.
  4. Hi, thanks for the input, my thoughts exactly re the forward controls,
  5. I’m 6’4” and hated the X Diavel, it is the most uncomfortable bike I’ve ridden so IMO, it is very much a bike that suits a particular size and shape of rider. I have occasionally ridden my girlfriends Diavel and I can’t ride that for more than about 15 miles before my knees cry ‘enough already’. Andy
  6. This is getting interesting, I’m 6’3” , i really would like the bike but obviously want to enjoy riding it !
  7. How much did you adjust it?
  8. Not at all. I’m not and have never been a fan of feet first and the X Diavel did nothing to change my mind. The biggest issue for me wasn’t the position of the foot rests, it was the overall riding position where I had to reach forward for the bars in typical Harley Hog style, did my back in. Hooligan of an engine that is no cruiser, more balls out sports tourer. Andy
  9. Actually, moving the footrest back and up have made a better position for my legs, also overcomes the ground clearance issue. The raised seat also helped here and suits the bars being forward and lower. I just can't get on with anything where my feet end up being forward of my knees. I get the Cruiser thing, but not for me
  10. You most definitely need to take a test ride and not just for an hour. See if your dealer will let you take their demonstrator when you next get your DVT serviced. Andy
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  11. Ducati has addressed this issue for overseas markets – where the Xdiavel sells as standard with rearward handlebars. Here in Blighty, we have to buy rearward bars as an optional extra. They are an extremely worthwhile investment. But it’s frustrating to have to fork out an extra hundred quid or so.
  12. I'm 5ft11 and the normal Diavel is pretty comfortable for me as is, standard pegs, standard seat - barring the suspension setup out of the box the riding position is actually really nice!
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  13. Surprised to hear that you have a problem with ground clearance on the 1260s.

    I had a gen 2 red carbon, and managed to grind left and right pegs, termi pipe and grind / bend the rear brake pedal. Still had a small chicken strip on both sides.

    On the 1260s, I have a small chicken strip as before, and nothing has touched down at all. I was quite impressed with how Ducati had solved the ground clearance issue.
  14. I'm starting to think the comfort seat might sort of help with the suspension issues by letting some of the harshness be absorbed by the foam in the seat.

    Does it really raise the height by 4cm? That seems a bit extreme for a bit of extra foam? Also not sure on taking a £250.00 punt as there are none in stock at the moment so would have to order it in.

    Also whats your thoughts on it in general?
  15. You could also pull the rubbers off the footpegs if you wished more grip.
  16. Fitted one to my Gen 2 Diavel, did about 100 mile and took it off. The extra height changed how the bike felt and handled, i went from sitting in the bike and feeling part of it, to sitting on the bike. The shift in position / weight changed how the bike handled.

    Each to their own, but comfort seat not for me.
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  17. Interesting so thats a nope then if it really does add 40mm thats too much for me too I think.

    Back to suspension fettling then until I can jump on a bike with one and have a quick test !
  18. I had the same idea but – instead of a Ducati comfort seat – I asked Viking Motorcycle Seats for help with reducing some of the harshness. They were brilliant. You can either post them your seat or, if you're within reach of Kent, get the seat done while you wait. Viking added a raft of gel, enhanced by comfort foam, and it's reduced the harshness over bumps significantly.

    Judging by reviews of the Ducati comfort seat, I think the Viking improvements :upyeah:are the better option. (And cheaper too.)

    While I think suspension settings are the primary solution, I found improving the seat was extremely worthwhile.

  19. Did they change the profile or cover of the of the seat? I quite like the stock seat on the 1260s, and would like to keep the stock look if possible.

    Would you have any pics?

  20. Viking kept the original seat profile. They removed some of the old (crappy) foam and replaced it with a comfier blend of gel and higher-quality foam. Also, on their recommendation, Viking filled in some air gaps with shock-absorbing gel. (I didn't even know my seat had these gaps, which Viking said were contributing to the harshness.)

    I don't have any pics to hand. But as I kept the original seat cover, it looks just like the stock seat. The only difference is that it feels far more comfortable!

    Incidentally – only if you wish – you can always ask Viking to change the seat height or the seat cover. But I wanted to keep the cost down.
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