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1260s Improvement...

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by 1299SJG, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. Be good if you could post a few pics please.
  2. Unfortunately, I can't take a pic for a bit. But the seat looks 100% the same externally because Viking left the original seat cover untouched – as I'd requested. All they did was to swap the old foam (crap) for vastly improved stuff (gel plus higher quality foam).

    My guess is it's the gel that absorbs shock, but better quality foam stops the seat from collapsing under my weight. Externally, even I can't spot a difference in how the seat looks.

    I believe Viking will do whatever you ask. But don't just read what some fool :) on the internet wrote. Why not give Viking a phone call to explain what you'd want and hear what they suggest?

    I had my doubts about handing over my OE seat, but it's one of the best mods I've made to the bike. The Xdiavel's ride was quite harsh, and – to my great relief – the new seat padding has taken some of the sting out of it. Albeit I think it needs the right suspension setting (work in progress) too.
  3. I will phone, this sounds ideal. Just may wait a few weeks until this last flash of summer is done, then send it off late Oct.
  4. When I phoned, I needed to book several weeks ahead (Viking must get booked up well in advance!). I hope the right seat gel etc will take some of the sting out of your ride too! Because the OE seat and standard suspension settings are fekin' awful in pothole Britain.
  5. Thats Interesting in that I had a Harley VROD before the Ducati and hated the feat forward on it.
    So much so that I nealy walked away from the XDiavel beacuse of it. But I ofund that excellent.
    Mind you at 5'6" I am a short arse!
  6. With an Xdiavel, you can adjust it to suit a short arse or Goliath. The Xdiavel has three different options for the foot-peg position, several seats of varying height, two different handlebars (regular or rearward), optional mid-mounted controls, and so on. And that's before you consider the usual geometry adjustments like raising the rear (shock) or dropping the forks.
  7. I have been reading through this thread with great interest, just bought the XDiavel. I am 6 3 myself and love the feet forward position, have the pegs as far forward as they go but I have never own a sport bike before, much more into my mussel bikes. So it's more what your are used to I suppose.
    Whilst I was waiting for the bike to get ready for me I found a comfort seat on ebay second hand for £100 plus shipping. Pictures made it look brand new and when it arrived the stock seat and the one that I got looked almost the same, condition wise. The main difference was that the comfort one was wider and felt like it had more give than the stock. Didn't seem to be much difference in hight though.
    Only put 200 miles on her so still not run in yet but it isn't all that comfy! I will try calling Viking too, thanks for the advice.
    I was also told, on another thread, that I should have my suspension adjusted professionally before looking into changing it. Which I intend on doing and to get "grip puppies" to help with my hands going numb. Don't know about anyone else but that was a problem for me! Been riding bikes for 40 odd years and never had numbness that bad before after only riding for an hour.
    I will also look at these handlebar too, that could help.
    Thanks for all the advice, Rufus....
  8. :upyeah:I recommend you first sort your seat, then get the suspension setup with the (final choice of) seat in place. Because I think it's probably better to know your final seating position before setting up the suspension.
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  9. Cheers
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