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1299 1299 Fe ?

Discussion in 'Panigale' started by garyhoos1, Apr 6, 2024.

  1. I’ve wanted an FE for a while I’m not a collector or a racer anymore but enjoy a sunny Sunday morning ride probably 800 miles a year.

    I’ve seen a few with mileage and a lot with zilch the difference in price being approximately 3 to 4 grand ball park.

    I’m not looking for an investment which would be the Best Buy one that’s been out and about or one that has done nowt.
    Appreciate some feedback.
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  2. Sounds like you’re in a position to get the best you can afford so go for it. Much rather have an FE than a v4.
    Enjoy the search :upyeah:
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  3. But which one would you go for a well used one I’ve seen one with nearly 9000 miles on the clock or one with start up miles on it. ?
  4. Used one with proper service history.
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  5. Get a pretend one ride it like you stole it and don’t worry about it ? :joy:


    (I agree with expat Jack fwiw)
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  6. Most definitely get one that's been used and serviced properly, having a bike sat doing nothing does them no good what so ever.
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  7. Cheers for that mate, I was thinking that myself I have a few old ones not Ducati that need pussy footing.
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  9. Regret selling mine (with full system fitted). Cracking machine but IMHO more suited on track than on the road.
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  10. I know it’s not a road bike the 2012 1199 wasn’t and still isn’t.

    thank you I just love the things.
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  11. I’d love an FE but I can’t quite stretch to it..the zero like one in Bournemouth was beautiful….

    also could not take my little lass out on it due to the exhaust fitted but still wanted it. Looking at a Panigale R or 1299S now
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  12. One that’s at least had first service and been used a bit with perfect history and save a few Bob.

    BTW the absolute pinnacle of V2 ducati bikes apparently with much of the engine sharing the SL2 I read
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  13. Yeah it from what I read the engine of the SL, adjustable chassis of the Panigale R and then the engine and electronics of the 1299S. It’s why I wanted it, would also love the carbon stuff of the SL but those bikes are so out of my price range…lol
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  14. What’s a nuke post? Did I say something wrong?
  15. Suspect fat fingers mate. That’s what I read too: a final run bitsa of all the best bits!
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