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1299s Front Sprocket Change

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by TonyC, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Evening all
    Plan to change the front sprocket on my 1299S
    Is there enough room with the chain slackened to get the sprocket off/on or does the chain have to be cut?

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  2. Hopefully it’s not like mine, coz if it is you’ll need the following:
    Angle grinder with metal cutting disk AND a grinding disk
    Chisel (no, not @chizel , a chisel)
    A bigger hammer
    A larger & stronger chisel
    Dremel plus a pack of 12 (at least) metal cutting disks
    Plenty of cutting oil
    Plenty of penetrating oil
    A mallet
    A swear box
    Some C4 explosive
    Lots of time (and patience)
    Then, 3 weeks after starting the attempt to remove the front sprocket you may eventually have it cut in half and be able to prise it off the gearbox output shaft.

    Dont ask how I know all thiso_O

    ps your’s is a newer bike, hopefully it will be easier:upyeah:
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  3. Done it on 1199s without cutting chain.
    bit fiiddly but easy enough.
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  4. this is what i would do-
    · Put the bike on a rear stand, and remove all the gubbins in front of the front sprocket, including the quickshifter and Clutch slave cylinder

    · Loosen the Sprocket retaining screw/Bolt.

    · Slacken chain tension as far as it will go and then remove the chain from the rear sprocket to the outside of the assembly.

    · Making sure the chain guard on the front sprocket is also out of the way.

    · you should be able to now remove the fixing bold and either push the chain outwards form the sprocket and pull the sprocket out, or pull out the sprocket with the chain attached just enough to enable you to change the sprocket out.

    · Refit the front sprocket and torque to 55Nm and then loop the rear chain over the rear sprocket, and adjust. Remember that the rear axle clamp bolts are only 25Nm and I would them up alternately, so 10-20-25Nm so not to have load on one side, as they seem to be a weak area. (I had to replace my swingarm due to previous owner over tightening)

    If this doesn’t work as above, then you may have to remove the rear sprocket carrier to give you enough chain slack to remove the front sprocket from the output shaft.
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  5. I assume the front sprocket is being changed due to wear and therefore assume the rear is equally as worn? It might be an opportune moment to fit a QR rear sprocket & carrier to make life easier in the future?
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  6. as above, i fitted a rear carrier at the same time, i used a JT one as the Renthal carriers were out of stock and also seem to have had a price hike recently ( i understand the JT carrier also can use the Renthal Sprocket)
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  7. hi Paul,
    Followed your previous thread with interest, frustration & with good comedy value.
    Hoping to have an easier time than you had with yours.

    cheers buddy.
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  8. cheers Did
  9. Thanks Nathan.
    Some good advice & info. Appreciated.
    Cheers bud.
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  10. hey Paul & Nathan,
    Yes front is worn.
    Did fit a Renthal QR rear sprocket a little while ago.
    Need to sort the front now.

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  11. It’ll be a cinch Tony, mo problems, I’m sure
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  12. even better Tony,
    just slacken the chain, and remove the sprocket from the rear, i think the lower Chain guard will need to be removed or at least manoeuvred around with the chain etc.
    the key from my experience is having some sideways movement for the chain to enable the front sprocket to be pulled sideways, i may even be productive to remove the rear wheel so you have clear room to put the chain loop across the other side of the swingarm to enable the sideways movement.
    let us know how you get on :)
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  13. hi Nathan
    Great idea
    I’ll be doing the job in a few weeks so I’ll keep you up to date...

    cheers guys.
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  15. ok front sprocket is on the shaft. Good advice taking the rear sprocket off.

    Have looked in the torque specs to check and it says 55nm on the front shaft.
    Can someone confirm or correct?
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