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12yrs Time Oil/hybrid Banned?

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Phil D, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. Will regular use of the rapid recharge option fubar the battery life?
    If so it’s going to get even more expensive for owners.
  2. It simply can't happen. Electric vehicles and their batteries require rare elements. The rare is a clue. There just aren't the materials to go round as science stands. Never mind, as had been mentioned before, the ability of the grid and the power generating industry to cope.
    To allow this to happen there needs to be a remakable discovery made.

    You can figure out what it might cost to run electric today. But as all motorists know well enough is that there is a huge percentage of what you/we pay for fuel which is tax.
    HMG is already concerned at the loss of revenue with a change to electric vehicles.
    So what it will cost in future cannot be estimated, other than to say at least as expensive as running a petrol or diesel vehicle. We also know that HMG will not miss an opportunity to increase the revenue given the chance. So running an electric vehicle in the future will be more expensive.

    Phil D, dont leave the forum mate, a great topic which is generating much good discussion
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  3. Cobalt? I'm sure it's only a matter of time (and money) before a substitute is made/dreamed up.
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  4. I’ve always bought old bangers, well in recent years anyway , thus allowing more funds for bikes, won’t be so much of an option going forward as an old banger electric car will most probably be useless due to having worn out batteries.
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  5. They can't ramp up the cost of domestic electricity (coz there will be an outcry) but they need to make the capital cost of electric cars cheap (otherwise people won't by them) so that leaves government with a problem. Petrol makes billions for the treasury in taxes and so how will they make up the difference? Something bad is on the way :-(((
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  6. They are already fitting separate meters for electric cars in homes I heard... :thinkingface:
  7. Just have to stop people charging from 13A sockets in the garage (or neighbours garage :D) so they can charge similar amounts to petrol/diesel :thinkingface:
    I heard Siemens already have the lamppost modules for charging - just need to add a card reader to them......
  8. Alternative is some kind of rfid in car keys, and when used you flash your key d Sc Mx it charges the registered owner
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  9. They will no doubt be able to monitor it somehow - or fool proof it - or fine you so you pay even more ;)
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  10. There isn't the natural resources to supply the batteries for all vehicles, new batteries will be developed.
    There will come a time when you don't own a car, you will buy time, or power, based on the KW's used.

    The new thinkng is less waste. Huge impact.
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  11. I know where a whole load of it went.....
  12. RFL or car tax.
    Electric is currently free like diesels used to be cheaper than petrol...
    Now I pay more because its diesel and for my parking!!!!
    WTF... in the inner boroughs they also make me move it every 2 hours.... exactly what you want to do with a diesel engine... start it 4 times a day and drive it a short distance!
    Circular thinking here on the london environment.
  13. Good point. I would guess RFL once everyone is safely committed to electric. Gonna be a hard sell, though. Petrol and Diesal was easier because you could ramp up the tax. If anyone moaned then you could justify it by saying that the country is going green! So what if motorist go green first? How do you punish people for going green? Shitting up the planet with oil always gave the moral high ground to the chancellor. Same with booze and fags - you can tax the f**k out of it and nobody can complain -except nutters. But how do you tax green energy?
  14. Green energy will become dirty due to rare metals mining etc - best tax the feck out of it for moral high ground purposes
  15. It's time to "thin the herd"... back to 1800 level was about right; 1 billion.
    7,764,361,498 Current World Population

    World Population:
    • has reached 7 billion 1st November 2011.
    • is projected to reach 8 billion in 2023,
    • 9 billion in 2037
    • 10 billion people in the year 2055.
  16. Battery technology is moving forward a pace, I feel that in 15-20 years there will be much more compact/higher capacity batteries that will charge in the same time or less than it takes to fill a fuel tank now. Possibly some sort of capacitor discharge from the charging point? or similar that will give 600 - 700 mile range and more.
    Bet there's going to be motorists electrocuting themselves everywhere.
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  17. It would take a major break through in physics, chemistry and materials science to charge a battery in that time.
    You need to drop the internal...... of the battery to ,0..... while maintaining the chemical.......
    Don't forget we've been at this for nearly 30 years already...

  18. Agreed, a major breakthrough is putting it mildly but time taken to fully recharge is a major stumbling block which the boffins must be working on.
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  19. My house is a coach house. I have three garages on the ground floor. One is mine (with power) but the other two have to be leased out to neighbours under the title deeds. For this, they rent at 5p per year!. There is parking in front of the garages as well - most leave the cars parked in front and keep shit in the garage. Under the deeds, they cannot have anything inflammable and there is no leccy in their garages. If any of them want to go electric and wanted to charge the car whilst sat in front of the garage (my garage) then they would need to get a dedicated power supply installed and ask me very nicely to agree. My sister has a flat in Hove with no parking. She has to buy a residents parking pass from the council but that does not guarantee that you will find a space and it may be a walk from the flat.

    It is so nice to know that clever people in government have thought all this through and have solutions to everything. They are just keeping it a secret... When we find out then we will be so impressed with the intelligence of the civil service and we will all wet ourselves laughing and think, "now, why didn't we think of this? The government is so clever!".

    Ohh. I must of dropped off and had a funny dream....
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  20. Yep.... I'm the only one with power/water in the block of garages at the back of me.... but only because the garage has a wall / door into my garden.
    Again I don't keep a car in it or a bike.... just full of crap.
    I keep the bikes in the coach house.

    I've got customers in near Castle sized properties with only 80A feeds.
    Currently in your typical outer London street the largest supply you could have would be 3 phase at 100A per phase, but they couldn't give that to every house.

    So take a typical house.
    80A supply at 230VAC (European.... yeah I know we've left, but we have to keep the 230V).
    Allowing for 0.8 power correction factor (as recommended by most EV suppliers) that's just 14.72kW...... assuming you were going to have a candle and sing while it charges.
    Realistically you'll have either a 16 or 32A charge point, so that's either 3 or 6kW going into your battery per hour....
    So your typical Telsa 100kW battery is going to need +16 to 32 Hours to charge from flat.
    Note most of the time it's not fully flat.
    These batteries are about £18K to buy and only last about 300,000 to 500,000 miles (facts from Tesla).
    So 6 pence a mile?!

    As we only have a 100A supply to our property......we put in a 40A supply pod thing in the drive near the parking.... just to make the house easier to sell later.
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