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  1. I've got the last of the 1200s models, always considered a different exhaust, how much grief was this to fit?
  2. Although the throttle spacer seems expensive for a small bit of plastic, when you look at the benefit it gives it then becomes a cheap modification. If you don't mind me asking, how much was the Desmo service? Mine will be due in a couple of thousand miles.
  3. Hi Mike,
    It should have been easy except I broke 2 exhaust studs on the front cylinder head. Couldn't budge the tiny studs so ended up sawing them off + drilling & tapping. I then bought some HD studs & fitted them. The pipe went on really easily. I've left the exhaust flappy valve in there but tucked the wires etc under the seat, so you don't know they are there, just incase I revert to the orig pipes. I suspect heat & a bit more patience could have got the nut off that stud, but hindsight is wonderful. Here's a few thumbnails to tell the story.

    IMG_3498.jpeg IMG_3504.jpeg IMG_3510.jpeg IMG_3511.jpeg IMG_3514.jpeg IMG_4486.jpeg
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  4. Hey Groundhog,
    It went to the main stealer for new fork stantions (a week before warranty expired (phew) & I got a quote of £1180 for the Desmo service & nearly fainted.
    Found a local guy called John Celier BVT (formerly known as Ducati John) & he did the belts & valves for £330 labour + belts & rocker gaskets etc were another £130. All valve clearances were in-spec so no labour removing cams & changing shims. It would have added another £150-£200 depending on how many needed changing. I did the rest myself at a parts cost of £150, so I make that a whisker over £600. Fork oild didn't need doing because the warranty claim saw new fork seals & oil in there FOC. thank you Mr Ducati.
  5. Thanks Burnie I have heard similar figures quoted for the service. I have heard of Ducati John. What area is he in?
  6. He's in Rothwell, Leeds area.
  7. Thanks. Too far away for me unfortunately.
  8. Thanks, sound advice, I really don't mind the original pipes but would prefer a bit more rumble, still undecided.
  9. Folk say that changing the end pipe doesn't do much for sound as all the packing is in the Cat, hence the reason I went for the full decat. You'll not regret it !
  10. I've put 28,000 miles on my 2018 1260 and I have to concur. This is the best bike I've ever owned overall, my 2011 Multi would take second place.

    The 2011 was funner and lighter, but it had plenty of issues that needed sorting out. I rode my 1260 15,025 miles last year, and 13, 005 miles this year without a single hiccup; no recalls to mess with, no mechanical warranty claims, just starts and runs every time with no drama unless I want it. Because of this, I give it top marks over the 2011. Plus, the rear brake works, not great, but works as opposed to the 2011 which I could have just taken the pedal off and thrown it in the ditch and not noticed a difference :)

    I'll be keeping this bike for as long as I can (I had the same thought about the 2011 and would still be very happy to own it as all the bugs were sorted out).

    I've changed the screen, found a seat that is okay, did the throttle spacer and rox risers. I've also added the Enduro panniers for tons of capacity. The only other mod I'd like to do is to change the gearing a little lower.

    The paint quality sucks and seems to have went downhill, which is unfortunate. However, the mechanical reliability has definitely improved as they've sorted the bugs over the years and now they have a machine that I don't worry in the slightest about throwing a leg over and riding across the continent, and the power and handling make me smile the entire time.
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