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Featured 1200 DVT 18,000 Mile Big Service At Italia Moto

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by RichieRich67, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. Ive just had my big service done by Italia Moto in Lincoln. Their service has been excellent therefore I thought they need a mention. They have just given up their franchise but were main dealers. Id had work done before by them so I trusted them.
    From November to the 1st March they offer £10 per hour off their labour charge and also will pick up and drop your bike off for free.
    They initially quoted me £800 to do the service. In order to bring the cost down I said I will be doing the oil and filter myself and I also removed the bodywork for them. They then quoted me £600.
    On booking it in I told them my pads were over half worn. They quoted a mad price for Brembo brakes and said they would fit them for free. I asked if I bought the parts would they still fit them for free and they said yes.
    So I searched online and found a company called Carpi Moto in Italy. They delivered genuine Brembo pads front and back for £72. The price from Ducati was more than this for one pair!.
    After they had done the service they test rode the bike and said my front discs were warped and said this was common on the Multistrada. They put it on the MOT machine and said it would fail a test. They said the Ducati ones were £750 a pair but told me to buy Brembo Serie Oro ones. They quoted £400 and said they would fit them for free. I again asked can I supply my own. He said yes and they would still be fitted for free. I again went back to Carpi Moto and had then delivered in 3 days from Italy to the dealer. Total cost £314. He told me that he cant get them trade for that.
    The bike is being delivered back in a few days with a their bill being £598 which includes new belts valve clearances done new air filter new plugs various gaskets new coolant new brake fluid the fitting of the pads and discs and the replacement of a fuel level sender (part under warranty). A total of 5.5 hours labour. All in all its has cost me around a grand but for that my bike is sorted for at least another 18,000 miles.
    The service was brilliant and I thoroughly recommend them. I dealt with Stuart throughout.
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  2. That’s a good deal, good to hear about particular garages and there service, and there only a couple of hours from me. Do they do loan bikes?
  3. I think they do yes
  4. I am amazed they have fitted your own parts for free. I guess only time will tell if they are offering a truly brilliant service - or are about to go under cos they are struggling.

    Either way, its a result for you. :)
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  5. He said for the service they have to take out the pads anyway to clean them so replacing them is no cost to them. The discs were a bonus.
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  6. The company who supplied the pads carpi moto indeed are well priced, for both calipers it’s almost half price at £72 for the Brembo SA version. Ordered mine so I can swop them out when needed.
  7. I’ve ordered twice now from them and they are reliable and quick with delivery.
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  8. Great result! I have just been quoted £1150 for my upcoming 18,000 mile service by my dealer. I will be looking at Carpi Moto for parts in the future though!
  9. The dealer was happy they were genuine parts too and not moody copies. :)
  10. Just had a look at their web site. I will getting Brembo pads from them when mine need replacing :upyeah:
  11. Just had my 18000 mile service at Italia Moto with there winter offer as already mentioned.They picked the bike up and had my radiator repaired by a local specialist, replaced my rear pads which I had supplied.The pads turned out to be not the correct ones for my year so they kept those and supplied the the correct type for no extra charge.The bike was returned after it had been cleaned and polished with a breakdown of all work carried out and a bill from the radiator company which they did not add any cost on.Without doubt this is the best motorcycle company I have ever used and do everything they said they would.
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  12. Sounds like you got great service, I wonder who would recommend such a fine establishment to you :joy: ;)
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  13. Another +1 for Italia, they're ace.
  14. +2 For these guys been using them for 18 years
  15. I just bought an 899 from a chap in Nottingham and he had the bike serviced by Moto Italia from new right up to 35,000 when I bought it.
    He gave me a wallet of receipts/work carried out by them. Needles to say he had great things to say about them.
    I even called them to ask a few questions and found them very helpful and professional to deal with.
    I would use them if they were closer. Thumbs up from me.
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  16. At that saving I would seriously consider travelling across country and staying overnight - it would still be significantly less than the main dealers nearest to me (I live in Devon).
  17. I am 2.5 hours away and if they can do the valve check and adjust, air filter, belts and rear hub check then I shall ride it up and get the wife to pick me up, likewise getting it back. Has to be cheaper than a main dealer.
  18. They travelled 60 miles to pick my bike up which they do for free during the winter months. Obviously by doing this I could strip my bike of bodywork which doesn’t take long when you’ve done it a few times. I’ve had my tank off to fit my Dimsport Rapidbike Evo as I have no cat straight through Arrow system and have now done it three times including replacing the fuel sender. Takes around 30mins
  19. I am 105 miles away and only done 11500 miles approx so it won’t be for a while, but I still reckon they would be cheaper than my local dealer. Have taken the sides off before but never the tank cover and stuff.
  20. The tank cover is held on by about ten screws plus you have to disconnect the overflows. All very easy tho. I just put the tank cap back on so they could test ride it. You can ride it no problem without the bodywork. I just left the nose cone on. And put the seats back on. Depends how much you want to save. I’m a tight northerner :). And I know my bodywork won’t get scratched in my garage which has happened before at dealers with other bikes. Easy to drop oil and filter too before the bodywork goes back on.
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