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Featured 1981 Ducati Pantah In British Columbia, Canada

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Saltspringer, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. Hello

    I live out on the west coast of BC and have just purchased a blue, 1981, Ducati Pantah, with 31K kilometers on it.

    It seems pretty unmolested, has had a good quality, slightly darker than standard, respray, has a two into one fitted and has been converted to a 650, despite the 500 side panel decals. I have the original barrels and pistons; the bike sat in dry storage for 10 years and was never started.

    It joins a few other bikes in my workshop and marks a return to Ducati's for me. I bought a 500 Pantah in 1986 and sold it in 1990 when our son was born.

    So far I have dumped the oil and plan to replace the belts before installing a fresh battery and seeing if it will run.

    I am looking forward to gradually bringing it back to life and would like to draw on the expertise of the forum members to solve the inevitable speed bumps the recommissioning of a bike throws up.

    Any advice as I start on this project are gratefully received. Best wishes to all!

    Day after I bought the bike, 10 July 2020.jpg
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  2. Cool. Welcome to the Forum :upyeah: and I love seeing old Ducs being given a new lease of life:)
  3. Thanks Paul, you probably have some amazing roads out there in Cork; perfect Ducati country....
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  4. Welcome salty dude :cool::upyeah:
  5. @Derek
    Your speciality IIRC?

    Oh. And welcome
  6. Welcome and enjoy
  7. Hey neighbour! I'm across the way in Gibsons and have your bike's bigger sister, an 81 MHR.

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  8. Mmmmmm, that looks very tasty.

    There is a 1984 MHR Mille with 8,000km on it for sale on Mayne Island, if you fancy having a second one! Lots of money unfortunately and outside my budget.

    I am sure I will have a few questions as I recommission the Pantah; many thanks for the welcomes!
  9. I sold the Pantah last year - couldn't get on with the fit! But I did learn a lot about them.
    New belts, battery and oil and it should be fine. It could be worth checking that the pilot jets are clear and the accelerator pumps may need priming.
    And welcome Saltspringer :)
  10. Welcome to the forum
  11. Gooday, eh!
  12. A real cracker indeed! My preferred fairing too from the early 500...the 2 into 1 looks great... I had a Harris Tony Rutter one on my own 500 Pantah in 1982. Enjoy... you have a special bike there....
  13. Thanks for the kind words of welcome. After nearly thirty years it's so nice walking into the workshop and seeing a Pantah sitting there again. I took off the tank and bodywork today and was shocked at how small the bike looks. I will start a front to back inspection, electrics, cables, checking bolts for tightness etc. I will change the plugs, oil and filter, brake fluid, belts, drop the carb bowls and check for debris. Hopefully by the time the new belts and battery arrive I will be pretty confident about starting it up.

    I will let you know how I get on....
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  14. Good idea salt and welcome! One thing came to mind....it may be worth checking for play in the swinging arm phosphor bronze mounts...I seem to recall I had to rectify this on mine in the early 80's. Also, as it has the 2 into one it might also be wise to check the spec of the main jets and needle positions. Is it running the stock air filter set-up or have higher flow individual filters been fitted such as K&Ns ? I know you didn't mention it, but as for any possible mods/adjustments that were needed during that increase in capacity to 650 I wouldn't have a clue...probably just a top end mod not involving the crank etc?
  15. All good points Maniot64. You are quite correct the bike has K and N's fitted and as far as I know the jetting was dialed in with the 2:1 and K and N's installed. I guess once I get it to fire up I can see if it still needs a bit of tuning to get it running as sweet as possible.

    You are also correct regarding the swing arm, there is play there, which will need to be shimmed out. Luckily I have other bikes to ride so I can take my time with the Pantah and just enjoy the wrenching....

    I am pretty sure that I will have it running just in time for the arrival of the winter rains!
  16. I'll follow with interest! I rode mine to the LeMans 24hr in 82...the event where mildly prepped Pantah came amazing 6th place! If you look at my posts you will probably see some photos...
  17. Looks like a great project.

    Grandfather of all belt-driven desmos!
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  18. Saltspringer: funny you mention how small the bike looks. The Monsters are similar; tiny little things that make my MHR look big but this is dwarfed by my Enduro. Reminds me of the old Brits, the Black Shadow in particular. Sometimes big things come in little packages.
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