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1993 750ss Will Not Run.

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Dr.Frankinstien’sDuc, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. New to the world of Ducati and proud to be, my 1993 Ducati 750ss has stopped running. She was running (rough) but started up every time. I parked her and now she won’t turn over. Battery is good, new spark plugs, jets are clear. She’s making a “kah-bluh ka-bluh ka-bluh” sound when trying to start her. I’m thinking maybe coils but would love to hear other opinions. And where to get the best replacement coils (or proper parts) for the fix. Thanks in advance.
  2. Are the spark plugs fouling (wet) ?

    and oh welcome Frankie .
  3. Coils, leads, could be electrical.
    Maybe change our your existing HT wiring with some of @Exige new ones?
    I’m sure he’ll be along soon to spread his wisdom!
  4. The ignition system is separated into two halves. It’s unlikely both coils would fail simultaneously, so it should start on one cylinder if it’s an ignition circuit problem.
    My SS was sensitive to the topmost fuse not contacting the fuseholder properly, even though the fuse itself was perfectly intact. Try spraying the fuseholder with contact cleaner and sliding it in and out several times to clear any light corrosion. Also make sure the fuse is absolutely flat with no twist in the blades.
    Can you smell fuel?
    Check for a spark by taking a plug out and cranking with the plug cap on and the plug resting on the cylinder.
    You say your motor was running rough and is now making a noise. My SS had the flywheel nut come loose, which is not uncommon. In my case, the wobbling flywheel took out one of the ignition pickups, so I lost one cylinder. This is also a possibility.
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  5. It was running rough and I think one coil was going bad and possibly one cylinder already down because of it. I took a better look at the coils this morning and saw it oozing so I’m going to start with coils. Any suggestions on the best coils for plug and play?
  6. For coils contact Exige on this forum.

    On my '94 750SS if I left it more than a couple of weeks it was a bugger to start even though I always turned the fuel off & ran the carbs dry before parking it up.

    Changed the coils for a set of his & it never fails to start first time now. Well worth the money. You also get new HT leads & caps with them !!
  7. These are said coils fitted to my bike, just had to change the two smaller spade terminals to 90 degree items for clearance & looks.

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  8. This is the "before" picture, you can see the original connections on the bottom of the coils, whereas they are on the top of the replacement coils.

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  9. Exige’s coils actually come from California Cycleworks It would seem sensible to buy them from Chris Kelley if you are in the US of A
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  10. Thank you all! I’ll get the recommended coils and pray to the Italian Gods that she will come back to life.
  11. CE58DB06-B4CC-49B4-B9C5-39D89F928CA6.jpeg 434DE76D-1E5F-4DAB-8184-67572B437BF2.jpeg CC9176AA-B73D-4B77-AEF3-F7B74D7CDAEB.jpeg Waiting for coils will give me time to sand and paint the tank white. Also you might understand why I’m Dr. Frankinstien. She’s 27 but she wanted to feel young again. I expect backlash but she’s my creation and I love her.

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  12. If, as you say, the engine will not turn over then this is nothing to do with the coils or HT leads or spark plugs.
    Not turning over issues are either a duff battery, duff starter motor, duff starter solenoid, starter clutch or an issue with the starter circuit.
    Other than the battery, which you say is good, have you looked at any of these items ?

    If you can, post a short video of you trying to start the bike.
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  13. Well, that certainly doesn't look like a 1993 750SS.

    I think it looks very promising.

    Shit hot, in fact.
  14. I will post a video at lunch. Also I used my multi-meter and my battery is pushing ~12.3 to the coils.
  15. Thanks, my wife gave me a low budget. As she sits I have about $1400 USD in her. Hopefully going to have a nice ride for about $2000
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  16. Wife, budget ? Yer doomed, just saying.:D
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  17. I’m just going tell her everything I order was on sale. That’s what she does to me.
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  18. Surprised you didn’t buy a Monster!?
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  19. Why buy a monster when I can create my own. :bucktooth::laughing:
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  20. swift kick between the legs mate..........
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