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1st Car

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Cream_Revenge, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Look at a Mini 1 - when step son and step daughter started was cheapest insurance with a black box ( convertible is also cheap ) easy to drive cheap to run unless has steering box issues - gearbox can be a bit expensive - but a lot have already been done and in your price range
  2. What's a avocado ?, sure I got drunk on them when I was a kid, thought it was milkshake !
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  3. My brother is selling his daughters car (VW Fox 1.2 Petrol 55bhp) as she is now at University, viewing in Hornsea and priced at £1650. 44K miles

    Great low insurance car, MOT until March 2020 and from what I can tell great value.

    Call him if interested on 07531 483036 (Dale).



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  4. I see your 1 and raise you...... IMAG0259.jpg
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  5. if it wasn't so far away i'd g look. Thanks though.
  6. Citroen C1/Toyota Aygo/Pug whatever number it is.
    Cheapest insurance group. Easy to drive. Easy to fix and learn basic mechanics on. Cheap RFL. Steel wheels for when they get kerbed.
    We bought a C1 in 2011 for the eldest two to learn in. Its still with us, 75000 miles on. Pretty trouble free. My 13 year old will have the pleasure of learning in it at 17, then its hers. From memory, the Citroen was cheaper than the Toyota or Pug, no reason why, its the same car.
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  7. Badge snobbery, see Skoda v's Maserati :eek:
  8. I looked at that, thinking 2 seats equals less risk. 4x the cost to insure than a fiesta
  9. Guess also depends on age, where you live, how much ncd etc - his was the 1.4 MK2 he had 2 years no claims (one on a motorbike)
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  10. IMO it’s false economy with a black box, most new drivers with one would agree.

    They fine you for literally anything, braking excessively, out late at night etc, let alone speeding. Factor in a £70-£100 fine most months, and potential threats to cancel insurance too.

    My daughter just passed her test a few months ago, and was adamant she wasn’t having a “black box” as most of her friends have had bad experiences, put her on my policy as a named driver £800 a year extra for a 2015 1.2 corsa (Surrey).

    I think a black box would take the fun out of driving, with the driver concentrating more on the speedo than where they are actually going.

    That’s my 2 penneth :)
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  11. My 20 year old son has a Corsa. I guess it ticks as many boxes as most things in this category.
    Insurance is crippling for young lads. But they do drive like twats tbf. Just like I did/do :laughing:
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  12. 1967 mk1 mini 850 bought off a mate for £15. Never been bettered!
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  13. Bought in 1979...
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  14. So I just need to build a time machine.....
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  15. Cost you more than 15 quid for one of them things.......
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  16. Young lad at work has a black box fitted . He went to the seaside and parked up in a temporary type car park in a field and got a fine for driving off road!!!.
    Picked his girlfriend up and went out for dinner, back to his house for a drink.Tthen took her home , Then back to his and got a notification of excessive use!!
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  17. I went with my brother-in-law to look at and Aygo for his daughter. Got a really good car for not much money. Drives OK around town but possibly a bit buzzy on motorways, a bit like a BL Mini. I quite enjoyed driving it home for him! The Toyota is the only one of these three with a cam chain engine apparently, so you don't have to be quite so careful with service history (you don't want to buy a car and go straight into a cam belt service). Only obviously odd thing is that on the five door adult feet don't fit through the door hole......

    My brother has just bought his step-daughter a Suzuki Wagon R. £300 and it's pretty decent, low owners but has a few knocks. Cheap to ensure and she has the largest engine of her mates as it's a 1300. Like a Jazz they're old people cars so tend to be looked after. A Vauxhall Agila is the same but they come in red so you can look like Postman Pat.

    My Dad and Uncle have Honda Jazzs. They've been everywhere and have been great. Cheap to run but some of the auto gearboxes are a bit weird so go manual or do your research. If you do home servicing don't forget the back spark plugs which need changing every 80,000 as they're a bit awkward - another thing to watch for on service histories. Honda is the way to go for reliability (we now have a CRV and Civic in our house as the daily drivers)!
  18. Stay away from anything 3 cylinder full stop .. Ka's good early ones suffer rust big time so would late ones x flow engine old hat the later 1.3 Duratec engines good ... small cc diesels again stay away from as they block up and cause loads of trouble. Id go for a as late fiesta as you can afford of something like a Honda Jazz or Kia Picanto ... google best small cars ...
  19. Wouldn't touch a KA with a bargepole regardless of how cheap they and the insurance may be.........clutches fail regularly.
  20. Hyundai and Kia seem a good option, not too expensive etc..............until it comes to servicing and spare parts costs.

    However my 2.0 Hyundai Coupe crumpled like a good'un when a relatively new tyre blew out (into 3 pieces; two sidewalls and the the tread part) and dumped the front end on the road.....Did for the front valence; grille; offside front wing; disc; suspension unit; sill; and bottom of A post; drivers door; plus a shattered wheel.

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