748 2000 748r - From Disaster To Full Rebuild

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  1. The only times I've seen bashing of the chinese ones has tended to be poor information in the advert or poor knowledge of the owner.

    quick example, chinese rads selling blackbird rads for all models from 96-07 but there was a change in size when birds went from carb to injection. For that reason I make myself aware of any different changes within the model, then ask the seller also but from those so far, most have seemed happy and the word "fettling" comes up but not very often
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  2. I’m purely going from past experience with similar products, but if they turn out to be a winner, I’ll definitely look into it. The bike is a long termer and a keeper, so something will come up in the future.

    On another note, I took the bike out today and really pushed it in the twisties. Seriously, the grip these bikes have is unreal! At different lean angles, at different speeds, it just goes where you point it and amazingly well! I’ve been looking at track data as a result :)

    It was nice to get out on it, even though I did end up at work and have to pay the ULEZ to the thieving bastards! Well worth it :)

    DBA5CCF0-DFFE-484C-98BE-688A6C0668F8.jpeg 1627134E-9E97-4B9B-84B0-02226F8E9F39.jpeg
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  3. A week after my last post, the luck with this bike took another turn :confused: Out for an evening ride and the bike slid out under me on a corner smothered in diesel!

    After spending almost 3k getting the engine rebuilt, i've had to put it through the insurance which I would have rather not done. So it's now away with my insurers' closest repair centre which is 180 miles away!

    Scraped/cracked the RHS upper/lower fairing
    Fairing bolts punctured the battery
    Top fairing cracked
    Mirror housing and glass scuffed/cracked
    Tank dinked
    Clutch cover cracked
    Front brake lever snapped
    Rear brake lever bent in

    And a few other bits. Time to retire it from road duties I think! It's not built for London roads :neutral:
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  4. Oh crap mate!! Bikes can be fixed though!! Are you ok that's the main thing!!
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  5. Yes thanks mate. I just cocked up my ankle, but that’s about it. Been on to the council about the road, so they can sort before someone else does the same. I got an update a couple of days later saying ‘no further action’ was being taken to sort the road out, so at least they were warned. Muppets!
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  6. Blimey Tel:eek:, what bad luck, I feel for you :pensive:
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  7. I’ve never had as much bad luck as I have, but there’s always somebody worse off.

    Have to wait and see what the engineers report comes back as and go from there.

    I can see why so many people give up with road riding and stick with track!
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  8. Stay positive, it’s likely won’t be as bad as you fear. Best luck. Richard
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  9. It is what it is, I get the bike back either way which is handy.

    The damage is only superficial, so it’ll be repaired and live to see another day :) Will have about an inch thick of paint on it by the end of the year
  10. Thats shit news.Glad youre okay.
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  11. sounds like an insurance right off to me. might be the answer to your prayers !!!
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  12. Thanks Keith! Got a fracture to my left foot, but it’s not the worst thing in the world.

    @224stu Ive got no idea mate. I called the insurers for an update earlier as they’re useless with any kind of contact and was told ‘it’s been stripped down, so we should have an update in a couple of days’.
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  13. If the damage is only cosmetic mate buy it back and turn into a track bike.
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  14. That’s the plan mate! I’ve got my track fairings in the garage, so that’s one thing less. Just a waiting game now.

    I get free salvage retention on my policy, so can get myself an 899.

    Either way, I’m looking forward to getting the bike back. Considering all that’s happened in the last year, I’ve grown attached to it lol
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  15. Still no update on the bike as yet. My insurer's approved garage are waiting back on some costs from Ducati and also trying to source some NLA parts.

    Hoping i'll have some kind of decision on the bike this week, but with having to chase my insurers at every hurdle it's been a pain in the arse experience!
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  16. :confused:
    NLA parts? what are they?
  17. No longer available. Steering damper and a couple of other bits. Ageas have been horrific considering their overly positive mission statements on the policy.

    The bike is with 8 Ball Customs in Ripley and they have been spot on with contact. I just want it straightened out and get a track day booked
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