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Featured For Sale 2004 749r

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by hindsight, May 27, 2024.

  1. Hi folks -

    I'm planning on selling my 2004 749R, and thought it would be worth showing on here before I hit ebay.

    Only the 2004 model comes from the factory entirely clothed in carbon fibre bodywork - all subsequent 749R's (2005-2008) did not, which makes this model very desirable.

    This particular bike was in a private collection for several years, and it has now been fully recommissioned to ensure that it's ready for the road.
    • Full fluid service (oil/coolant/hydraulic fluids)
    • Belts changed and valve clearances checked (no adjustments were required)
    • Fork seals and fork oil changed
    • Clutch basket replaced
    It has an open Termignoni exhaust system (Ducati part number 573.1.081.1A - 102dB, marked as "RACE USE ONLY") , and a matching Ducati Performance ECU, making this machine a real experience to ride. I believe this bike is presented as it arrived from the factory, with no aftermarket accessories. The exhaust has not been a problem for MoTs.

    If you'd like to research the 749R - here's some decent articles..
    This recently published YouTube review of this model is also pretty good:

    The bike is located in Linlithgow, central Scotland - close to the railway station on the mainline between Edinburgh and Glasgow, and is ready to race or to ride with a recent MoT. I'm also happy to facilitate delivery of the bike to anywhere in the UK at the purchasers costs (assuming, of course that the purchase cost has has been fully paid)

    I have had this bike for a relatively short period of time, and am enjoying it on the local Scottish roads, so the mileage (currently just over 14,000) may continue to rise over coming weeks (so long as the fine weather remains).

    All keys (including the red one), manuals and records are available.

    Anyone interested should get in touch to discuss the bike. Asking price is £12,750.
    Let me know if you have any questions!


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  2. Glws special bikes these
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  3. Looks great. GLWS.

    Apart from gold rear caliper which is not standard.
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  4. That’s is nice. Very tempting
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  5. Very nice
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