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2004 S4r 1000 Fixed - No Dash Lights, Good Battery - Small Click/buzz... No Start

Discussion in 'Monster' started by AirCon, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Last week a 2004 S4R 1000 Monster was brought to us for repair.
    As you can see she's a pretty beast.

    2020-04-25 15.19.05.jpg
    It had been at a famous Bike shop/Dyno in Burnham, near Slough.
    To date they had replaced the ignition switch, but this hadn't solved the "no Start" problem.
    The customer was not pleased with the results his hard earned Ducati dollars had produced to date.

    Customer "Bike won't start when the ignition key is inserted, Dash is dead. Good battery 13.2Vdc.
    Bike Shop " Faulty ignition switch, requires a new one".
    Fitted new switch, same fault.... sorry... take the bike back / to Ducati ....

    We tested Battery, 13.2Vdc with a Fluke.
    Checked all the loom for breaks or loose connectors...
    Found tiny voltages all over the bike when the key was ON, realised we had a limitation of current flow. Earth loose? Broken wires? High resistance connector?

    A small tiny tick and buzz when operating the key, but no dash lights... horn etc.
    Strpped apart fuse box, found damaged and over heated fuses, replaced and cleaned fuse holders.. replaced all fuses with new untarnished fuses.

    Traced fault to a relay attached the battery strap, replaced Tyco V23073 with new one.... bike starts and dash LED's work.... job done.:upyeah:

    Cost circa £4.50 on Ebay... same as BMW mini relays, common to other Ducati models.
    It's the left most relay in this image.
    2020-04-25 14.59.00.jpg
    Note the relay clicked when the ignition was operated.
    Stripping it apart and bench testing showed it was very high resistance across "the points".
    Note this bike is 16 years old, but has only done 7000 Miles, so I assume it has sat around a lot.

    Customer was supplied with a spare relay / fuses in a plastic wallet and a small bill for consideration. ;)

    Hope this post helps someone else. :)
    Happy and Safe riding everyone. :upyeah:
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  2. I had exactly the same thing with mine last year. Amongst other electrical gremlins.
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  3. That’s a very pretty wheelbarrow you’ve got there!

    Some shorter cans would help balance up the back end.
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  4. This 2 quid part should be part of everyone’s service regime. It causes no end of problems. If you have electrical gremlins then change the injector/coil/pump relay first.
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  5. Everyone's first port of call when it comes to bike issues!
  6. +1

    I’m getting my new to me S4R back on Friday (it got stranded at the wrappers by lockdown) and shortening the cans and a tail chop are close to the top of my “to do” list.

  7. I you saying I got ripped off payong £4.50 from eBay :blush: :D
  8. Well ripped off, you could buy 100 from China for £2 :bucktooth::D
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