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Featured For Sale 2008 Ducati 1098r - 4319 Miles - Excellent Condition

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Sonic, Jun 4, 2021.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Unfortunately, it's time to part with my 1098R earlier than I expected, apparently buying a house is more important! Very reluctant sale as I've not yet used the bike as I planned to, however, having 2 kids since soon after buying the bike meant that the very little time I had for bikes, timed with when the weather was good, was usually spent on my 1299. Anyway, thought I'd offer it up here first before it most likely goes to a dealer.

    This bike was originally pre-registered by Ducati UK in May 2008, before the June 1st deadline in order to make them eligible to run as homologated models in British Superbikes. The first owner then purchased the bike new in Dec 2008 from Ducati Moto Rapido, where the first service was also completed, and it has had further work completed at Ducati Laguna, and Ducati Cornerspeed.

    The bike has covered only 4319 miles, 3600 miles of which were covered in its first 5 years. The MOT history is excellent with no advisories in its whole history as it has been well maintained and looked after. When I purchased the bike in 2017, it still had its original tyres from 2008 and they were in great condition as can be seen in the pictures. However, I changed the tyres due to their age and my plans to ride.

    Replacement Fullsix carbon front and side fairings are currently fitted to the bike, in order to maintain the OEM fairings, which will also come with the sale.

    The tank currently fitted is an ETI FuelCel Kevlar composite high capacity tank and the original will come with the sale. I guess this was replaced to avoid the ethanol expansion problems with the original tank.

    Full Spec:
    2 keys + key card
    Leather wallet with manual/service book
    Full 70mm Termignoni Racing Exhaust
    ECU Remap to suit Full Exhaust System
    Ducati Performance Air Filter
    Eti FuelCel High Capacity Tank (Original included)
    FullSix Carbon Side Fairings (Original included)
    FullSix Carbon Nose Fairing (Original included)
    Factory Racing Alu Clutch Slave Cylinder
    ProBolt Titanium Fairing and Subframe Bolts
    Evotech Brake/Clutch Levers
    Evo-Tech Tail Tidy
    ExactStart HICAP starter cables

    DSC03009.JPG DSC03005.JPG DSC03003.JPG DSC02998.JPG DSC02999.JPG DSC02988.JPG DSC02989.JPG DSC02990.JPG

    (Pics show the Fullsix Carbon tail which is not included, the original tail is now installed)

    I'm looking for around £20.5k OVNO. Let me know if you're interested.

    Many Thanks,
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  2. Very nice, but are dealers paying £20k+ for these now?
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  3. I wouldn't have thought dealers are splashing that amount of cash out for a private sale, the bike looks great with low mileage plus the spare fairings etc. the only downside is the grass needs cutting & No bloody bin in the shoot.
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  4. Glws
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  5. I would think the op means he would give it to a dealer to sell on his behalf. GLWS Malik.
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  6. Good Luck with your Sale Malik.
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  7. A long time ago I gave a Honda dealer one of my CBX 1000's to sell. He sold it, and I had to insist that he paid me. He did, and went bust not long after, owing Honda a few quid I believe.
  8. That's a beaut Malik. GLWS. I've just had my 1098 out. Epic bike. Nearly accelerated into a hedge, so Lord knows what the R is like.
    I got home with warm testicles though.
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  9. What a beautiful machine! Didn’t realise you had one of these bad boys, Malik!

    GLWS :):upyeah:
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  10. GLWS Malik. I’ve known and worked on this bike for a good few years and it is truly stunning. Nothing has been spared in making it a very special machine.
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  11. Thanks, yes as NoGutz mentioned it would be on a sale or return basis.

    Well I have cut it a few times since I took the pics a few years ago! But you should see it now... tis a jungle out there :-0!

    Haha yes it is quite an event when you ride one of these, it still scares me every time! But like you said it does have it's benefits!!

    Thanks Paul! Yes, its just unfortunate I haven't had the opportunity to use it as much as I wanted to. Even though its been such a joy to own, I think I might've just got it at the wrong point in my life with too many responsibilities to juggle about to use it properly. It's doubtful with such a bike but I do hope the opportunity arises again in the future!
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  12. Many thanks Nelly! Hope you are well and the comments are very much appreciated!
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  13. Genuine thought here, but would you not consider replacing it with a base 1098 or 1098s. Still very quick, not bad for roads, relatively cheap, and hold their value?
  14. Well I still have my 1299 base for usual bike use and for sure in the future I would consider a 1098/1198 and even an 848 as i really like the shape. The opportunity I was referring to was more to do with "the R experience" as they tend to be the pinnacle and just that bit more special!
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  15. Doh how did I forget that!!!
    Fixed now!!
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  16. With that inplay you're guarantee a sale now for sure.
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  17. Beautiful bike, a classic for sure. Can only increase in desirability.
    Nice buy fro some one.
  18. why not you even? :thinkingface:
  19. You know why, as there's something else on that hit list first.
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