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For Sale 2010 Ducati 1198 For Repair

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by fury84, Dec 30, 2019.

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  1. Hi,

    I have decided to sell my 1198 after the bottom end bearing to the front cylinder failed earlier this year during a ride out. All was going well on the day in question until I noticed a slight reduction in power when accelerating and then heard a knocking noise from the engine so stopped immediately and got the bike recovered. Sadly it was too late and the damage was done.

    The bike has since been stripped by a mechanic/engineer friend of mine and the fault diagnosed so I have decided to sell in the hope that someone with the correct level of knowledge and time will be able to rebuild it. As you'll see from the photographs provided the crank and piston has been scored and the metal fragment are the remains of the shells.

    The bike has not been put back together as this seems pointless but all the parts have been boxed and labelled. Everything is there to rebuild with the existing or a new engine.

    So the bike itself is a 2010 Ducati 1198 on a '10' plate registration. I have owned the bike for the last 3 years and loved every minute of it. Well, except the last few minutes, lol! It has just over 11, 000 miles and is standard apart from the Akrapovic exhausts which are included in this sale.

    I have always had the bike serviced regularly so it is a mystery as to why this has happened. It is in very good condition but does have a few stone chips commensurate with its age and use.

    The bike is HPI clear and I have the V5 in my name and at my address. I have two keys and the pillion pegs and seat.

    Thinks that's about it. Please ask if you have any queries and I'll answer promptly.

    I am asking £4000 which is the minimum I will except but saves advertising for more then playing tennis negotiating. If it doesn't sell then I'll break it and advertise during the summer

    Thanks for looking.

  2. Please let me know if you would like to see any more photographs and of what.















  3. would have had this normally, price seems fair, commiserations. Good Luck with the Sale. :upyeah:
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  4. and red...
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  5. Forgot to add photos of the crank, piston and remains of the shells.



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  6. A few of the conrod.



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  7. Forgive my ignorance but is it not possible to regrind the crank and get bearings to fit?
  8. I expect so but I don’t have the knowledge or time so would only rack up a huge labour bill which is why I have decided to cut my losses and sell. Will make a great winter project for the right person.
  9. @fury84 is that the bike that Tim stripped??
  10. Yep
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  11. This is all included too.

  12. What a shame. :(
  13. Have you considered buying an engine and have your friend instal it ?

  14. By the sounds of it he just wants to cut losses and get rid bud. I can empathise with his situation, did the same thing with my 675 last week.
    Sometimes you just can't be arsed going down that Dyno riding labour laden rabbit hole.
  15. This thread caught my eye and I picked up on the Labour aspect of the OPs post. Labour would be a big deal for repairing the existing engine, and if the crank cannot be re ground theres over £3000 in parts. But theres an 1198 on ebay and he has a friend, his losses might be less down this road.

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  16. Did same with mine.

    ‘this is what puts me off the whole 1098/1198 range tbh. Is there one that has done 15k miles and NOT gone pop?!
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  17. the box marked "vertical head and generator cover" in the next picture opened...is actually the horizontal head with the water bleed outlet and temp sender....just saying.
  18. Yup, mine :)

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  19. Appreciate all the suggestions and observations but after months of deliberation I have decided to sell it.

    I have little mechanical knowledge and I have still to pay the engineer for his time and it isn’t cheap.

    I can assure you all of the parts for this bike are there even if labelled incorrectly (which surprises me).
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