Featured For Sale 2010 Ducati Desmosedici Rr

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  1. An L slightly tilted is what all Ducati twins are :upyeah:
  2. As for the Panigale V4's;
    the Desmosedici Stradale has been inserted into the vehicle with the front bank of the cylinders rotated back by 42° with respect to the horizontal plane, as on the Ducati engines competing in MotoGP
    Still a 90 degree V but looks like a V and not an L - those crazy Germans
  3. Not all L-twins are actually L-twins.

    It entirely depends upon whether you are viewing the engine from the right or left-hand side.
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  4. Absolutely, when is an L not an L? and if you have one leg shorter than the other the V can be an L from certain sides
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  5. Are we talking upper or lower case L/l ?
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  6. Upper duh, lower is a single :D
  7. Technically a single would probably be a "/" unless it was something really old where it could be an "l". :) My LC is a "/", my scooter is a "-", the Pani and 1098 are "L", the Desmo is...............................................I'm off for a lie down. :no_mouth:
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  8. Whats a BMW GS then?
  9. A full stop .
  10. -.- :thinkingface:
  11. They are all viewed from the side :rolleyes:
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  12. Is that perfume made from cognac?

    Is *that* what that smell is?
  13. I coldn't get a good look from the side so I walked around the front to get a better view. :eyes:
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  14. From the front an Upper case L could really be considered an exclamation mark !
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  15. I have had days at work that were just like this thread.
  16. Italia Moto have one of each on their web site at the moment:

    RR £60k
    1299SL £73k
    1199SL £52k
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  17. Whooooa - a Fila at £22k with more miles than mine o_O I paid £10k 6 years ago :eyes:
    Paid top money for one of my Bayliss's though (a year ago - but it's a stonker and no previous owners on the log book) but not had it long :thinkingface: