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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am very excited about picking up my 2010 Multi S on Saturday. I would welcome any advice on the bike be it mods, things to look out for that I haven't already read up on etc etc.

    One of the areas I would be keen to explore is handling and how to get the best set up for scratching. I weigh in at around 12 stone kitted up.
  2. Hi freshy welcome to the forum.
    Good choose of bike ! I've just ordered a suspension control unit (SCU) for my 2010
    1200s there's articles on it here and YouTube. It replaces the original making the suspension semi active whilst you ride. You'll need a full termi system and re mapped ECU as well.!
  3. Welcome, join the map below!

    ..get the exhaust ziroctec treated to make it look good for years to come!
  4. Welcome Dave
  5. Thanks All.....it has a Mivvi and decat pipe, commander and a few other bling bits. Will check out the suspension ECU. How would I check to make sure it hasn't got one before I go and purchase one?
  6. That's a very good question!
    The ohlins SCU has a slightly different profile, YouTube has tutorials about this, have a look there.
    Going to check mine now !
  7. One SCU has Ohlins written on it and the other doesn't. If memory serves, it's the upgraded one that has the logo on it. Also the slightly different profile as mentioned.

    Get one. Best thing I had on mine.

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  8. Thanks Carr/Jh, I will look in to it.........next question........does anyone have one spare
  9. Welcome :upyeah:
  10. change the oil often yourself
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  11. What oil do you use Paul? Do you use a Ducati filter or is there a better known brand to use? I had an Aprilia Tuono and they did a larger conversion filter kit which was recommended. It made the filter an inch longer......we could all do with another inch after all!
  12. The recommended oil is Shell Advance Ultra 4T 15w50 but any fully synthetic bike oil of 15w50, or 15w40 .standard filter