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1200 2013 Bogging Down

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Mark_h, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. Hi All, Recently got my first multistrada. Getting to grips with it but struggling with the issue of it bogging down a bit on pull-away. From the lights it's hit and miss whether it shoots off like a scalded cat or lumbers off like a pregnant rhino. When I was riding some stupidly tight and steep roads in the back-lanes of Wales with all the luggage on the bike it was really hard work to make hill starts. When on low revs using engine braking in second down the same mountain roads, on a couple of occasions when I blipped down to first it would stall.

    Real slow riding is a bit of a nightmare as you never know if it is going to go or stumble off of a closed or almost closed throttle so end up with slipping clutch and dragging rear which is not ideal.

    I've read various posts about exhaust flaps, TPS set-up, clutch switches, software updates, etc but can't really find any examples of anyone who has had the problem and significantly fixed it apart from one guy who had new throttle bodies fitted.

    So.… 2013 bike. 20k miles on it. Regularly serviced so hopefully decent plugs etc. Just had new tyres fitted so had the opportunity to look up the exhaust with the silencers removed and can see the flap has been removed. Still go the spindle but no flap.

    There's a little bit of free play in the throttle. I could adjust that out on the barrel adjusters but if they get out of sync, could that cause some of this sort of problem? Any way to test the two cables are correct? Is it one per TB or is one an on and one an off?

    Looking to get it booked in to get TPS checked out in case it's that.

    Many posts point towards the clutch switch. Has anyone disconnected this and found the responsiveness comes back? Appreciate this means you can't use the starter when in gear but I could live with that. Any other issues with taking the clutch switch out of the loop. Seems more sensible to default it open rather than closed.

    Anyone fixed this without resorting to power commanders and massively expensive upgrades/replacements? Or is it just a characteristic I need to learn to ride around?
  2. How low on power is it, when it stumbles?
    Sounds as though it could be dropping onto one cylinder.
    Well worth sticking a couple of new plugs in I'd say.
  3. If you’re booking it in I’d get them to check that the throttle bodies are balanced.
    My first thought was the exhaust valve but as it’s been removed the running should be fine. However, if the throttle bodies are not balanced it may result in lumpy running and the symptoms you describe.
  4. Does it have after market levers?... mine did and took it to Snells and they were really helpful... they rode it... said hang on wait a mo.. took the bike into the workshop and swapped clutch lever back to standard and it was miles better.
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  5. Are you in sport, touring or urban mode?
    Urban mode gives a horribly slow throttle response.
    When I’m riding hairpins I use sport, it’s much more responsive and instant on the power
  6. This suggestion has got a face palm emoji which isn't very inclusive.

    But, my 14 twin spark had something similar going on, it was making me look like a complete novice. The problem was fixed by having the bite point adjusted of the OE clutch to be further away from the grip. It was as if it couldn't decide wether to slip or drag (at the same time?).

    Also, low down fuelling is rubbish on these and really needs attention. I chose Hillside Hinckley.

  7. Stick a few tanks of 95Ron in it.
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