2017 Lincolnshire Ride Out's And Meets

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  1. No mate, still do as many shows as I can, just don't own an Air Cooled anymore... both H2o now T5 daily and T4 Coachbuilt
  2. Ah cool. We had a T5 as a daily but sold that now. Still got my old '71 Bay, but avoiding all the trucker cap wearing bell-ends these days. It's for family camping and enjoying the putt-putt through lanes and b-roads. If I could go back to the mid-90's then I'd be at shows every weekend but now it's all about ££££ and scene-compliance rather than fun and getting to where you can meet like-minded idiots, have a couple of drinks in the sun and either watch racing or live music. :-D
  3. Never heard of it until now, thanks... Funny how all the biking areas are outside Lincolnshire
  4. Hi,
    @Fraggle rock @Ian @Gp80 @cleedubber @Ben Mallinson @Rebel

    Back in April, when a few of us met at Italia Moto (Lincoln Ducati), I mentioned I was planning a rideout in September. Well I've got organised and details are below. It's aimed at all riders, is an all day event covering 200+ miles and will take in some great roads and excellent food stops. It's not a race, everyone should ride at their own pace. I hope some of you can join. If you want the full experience then you can stay over.

    Post up if you have any questions. More details below.


    Taste of Lincolnshire Rideout 2017
    The dates are Friday 1st September to Sunday 3rd September based once again at The Village Limits in Woodhall Spa just 10 miles East of Lincoln. Ride out is on Saturday 2nd September.

    The format will be, as usual:
    Friday. Make your own way to Woodhall Spa. Individually or ride-in with others.
    Friday evening. Meet, greet and eat at the venue from around 6pm onwards. Meet the riders, partners, family, kids.
    Saturday. Full days ride-out around Lincolnshire and beyond. Stops at local hostelries for good food and drink.
    Saturday evening. Meet and re-live the days events over excellent Lincolnshire food and ale.
    Sunday morning. Hearty Lincolnshire breakfast to ready you for the ride home. Farewells and photos.

    There is a range of other accommodation available in Woodhall Spa: hotels, B&B's and camping. Details below.
    The route will take us around the open, twisty and sometimes hilly roads of the Lincolnshire Wolds and beyond. Distance will be approx. 200 miles with frequent stops for good food and drink. Don't worry if you've never been on a ride-out before. We ride using a marking system so no one will get lost and everyone can ride at their own pace. Everyone is welcome: over-nighters, day riders, pillions and non-riders. Just post up that you will be coming so we know who to expect.

    The base is in Woodhall Spa and we'll be exploring some of the best roads and finest food the area has to offer.
    The start and ending point will, again, be the very hospitable Village Limits Country Pub, Restaurant and Motel. It's a modest pub and restaurant with wonderful accommodation and fantastic award winning food. I have booked 4 twin rooms, but they have 8 in total so please contact them directly if you want one of these. There is also other hotel and bed and breakfast accommodation in the village and a good campsite next door to the main venue. Accommodation shouldn't be a problem, but please get in touch if you need more information.

    The Village Limits (base for ToL 2017) twin rooms, £45pppn Home | The Village Limits | Woodhall Spa | Lincolnshire
    The Claremont Guest House, Woodhall Spa The Claremont Home - The Claremont
    The Petwood Hotel, Woodall Spa Hotels in Lincolnshire | Places to stay near Lincoln | Petwood | Petwood Hotel
    Woodhall Country Park (next door to The Village Limits) Woodhall Country Park | Caravan and Camping Site in Woodhall Spa | Fishing | Lincolnshire | | Woodhall Country Park
    see websites for prices
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  5. I'm really interested in this, sounds like a good day out, I live in horncastle which is only 10 mins from w/spa so probably no need to stop over night
    It really is a small world as my brother in law owns and runs the village limits pub so I'll have a word and make sure he looks after us all very well

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  6. Small world indeed!
    No need to mention this to Billy. They have always looked after us very well. Which is why we keep going back. Third year in a row now, although we've stayed more times than that in the 14 years this has been running :)
    Would be great if you can make it. And since you're so close maybe make it for a small beer too?
  7. Oh I think a beer or two could be arranged [emoji106]

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  8. Shouldn't be a problem for me... Finish work at 8pm that evening, with this much notice i should be able ride straight from work...

    Will post on http://www.ducati-upnorth.com/forum/forum.php/ for Scottish and Northerners to see... Ive been to many of their weekend events...
  9. Sounds bloody great to me Chris!

    Sure I checked the dates previously and it fell nicely for me being home so you can count me and Mrs M in for the ride mate. Don't think we will be able to stay over and join you all for drinks unfortunately but most certainly up for the ride out :)

    On a slightly different subject, 1198 is back home again and Mrs M has her module 2 test on Thursday, so I'm hoping my back pain & the weather forecast improve before next weekend and we can have a good run out somewhere and call in Willingham for a cuppa along the route if your about and fancy a catch up?

    Will have to see how this week pans out with Helen's test and the above mentioned but will post on here again in the week if we're looking good to get out ;)
  10. @El Toro @rob lewis @bettes

    Sounds like a cracking excuse for another ride out if any of you gents fancy it? :D
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  11. Excellent news. Glad you can make it. As you say there's a while to go so let's sort the details out nearer the time. But if you're thinking of staying over then do get something booked. If you need any help just let me know.
  12. Hi Ben,
    Thought you'd be up for it! Great to get confirmation and do bring Helen along. I hope all goes well with the Mod 2.
    Next weekend I'm off to Wales on the bike from Fri to Sun so won't be able to join you. But if you're thinking of going to bike night on Wed let me know. Hope your back improves soon. All weather dependent, although Wales is non negotiable so I think I may get wet! I'll let you know.
    Hope to catch up soon.
    Cheers, Chris
  13. Thanks Chris, no problem mate, mor than happy for you to pencil me and Helen in for the days riding :upyeah:

    I will see how the back is for Wednesday and let you know on here if it's looking like I'll be able to swing a leg over for the evening ;)

    If not, then hope you have a good weekend and it's not too wet for you in Wales!

    Hopefully catch up soon mate.
  14. Going to head up to willingham woods for an early cuppa in the morning if anyone else is out and about. Would imagine we'll be there for around 9.30ish ;)
  15. Can do, sure it'll be the last time down there with this bike... (these days I rarely ever go)

    Seems everyone likes to be out early on here... It'll be the earliest time ive ever been there
  16. Sounds good :) The roads are generally quiet early doors ;)

    Have you decided to take the plunge on a Multi then Nathan?
  17. Undecided... Multi or KTM Superduke GT